Inside the Security and Resiliency Campus

The Security and Resiliency Campus can help you evolve your security and business continuity and disaster recovery plans for the future with the power of AI, collaboration, automation, orchestration and cloud. In a world where IT is the business and digital transformation is essential to compete, get expert advice from a trusted partner to prevent the if, and respond and recover quickly from the when.

Security Experts

Wendi Whitmore
Global Partner, IBM Security Services

Ted Julian
VP of Product Management, and Co-Founder, IBM Resilient

Mike Errity
Vice President IBM Resiliency Services, North America

Marc van Zadelhoff
General Manager, IBM Security

Cindy Compert
CTO for Data Privacy and Security, IBM Security

Featured Sessions

What you’ll find at the Security and
Resiliency Campus

Embracing Resiliency and Business Continuity

Enable immediate response, recovery and resumption with a proactive cyber resiliency capability for business continuity and networking capabilities.

Transforming Your Security Program

Evolve your security organization with strategic advisory consulting, incident response, offensive testing, and cloud and managed security services to stay ahead of threats.

Establishing Digital Trust

Implement user-centric security solutions to protect your data and demonstrate compliance, and enable a seamless end user experience for customers, partners, and employees alike.

Protecting Mission-Critical Data

Safeguard personal data and other critical assets from cyber theft and fraud to protect your business, brand, and clients.

Connecting Compliance and Security

Get ahead of new regulatory mandates such as GDPR, and ensure compliance and protection as you extend your security program to cloud, mobile or to new customer base.

Infusing Identity Everywhere

Protect sensitive data and critical systems with anomaly identification and provisioning, governance, and monitoring for employees and privileged users in your environment.

Think Academy

Take your education to the next level and enhance your skill set with 1000s of hands-on labs, certifications, client and technical deep dives.

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Campus Highlights

Experience the Latest Innovations in IBM Security & Resiliency

The Security & Resiliency Campus will offer education and networking on topics ranging from artificial intelligence, protecting critical data, optimizing incident response, securing your cloud and more. Test your skills in 6 security scenarios, attend instructor led training sessions with hands-on labs, and visit the Security Learning Academy live theater.  It will be like getting a year’s worth of valuable security education in just 4 days.

Preview the Security & Resiliency Campus Curriculum

Preview over 160 Security & Resiliency sessions which include technical deep dives, transformational client stories, main theater presentations, Think Tanks, and hands-on labs. Think 2018 is your place to learn, connect, and share best practices to help your company create and run a successful security practice.

Download the Security and Resiliency Campus Guide

Think about Your Journey to Security & Resiliency

In an age of exponentially more data, connected devices and computing power, there are more ways for attackers to breach an organization than ever before. Read how you can fight back with the right approach, technologies and experts & learn more at the Think 2018 Security Keynote: Ready for Anything Build a Cyber Resilient Organization.

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How do I gain unique advantage from data delivered on a cloud built for business?

You need the right technical know-how to take full advantage of your data using the right cloud architecture. With better data you can uncover valuable insights, and turn those insights into perfectly timed actions. AI-ready, designed for data, and secure to the core, IBM Cloud then helps you achieve your business goals. In the Cloud and Data Campus, challenge conventional thinking around how data and cloud are used to help you find the right solutions to accelerate your business and transform your industry.

How do I engineer the right infrastructure with cloud and AI to support my business?

You understand that the future demands systems innovation. The Modern Infrastructure Campus will teach you how the best performing and most secure platforms can reliably handle your most data-intensive applications while working seamlessly with your existing investments. Meet industry leaders and IBM experts who can help you build and run the most important aspect of your digital transformation.

How do I make the right security decisions to safeguard my business?

Can you protect and maintain what’s most important: your business and your clients? The Security and Resiliency Campus can help you evolve your security and business continuity and disaster recovery plans for the future with the power of AI, collaboration, automation, orchestration and cloud. In a world where IT is your business and digital transformation is essential for you to compete, get expert advice from a trusted partner to help you prevent the if, and to respond and recover quickly from the when.

How do I design and deliver business solutions that leverage AI across industries and professions?

Now is your time to be the disruptor–see change before it happens or risk losing relevance. The way forward is to practice continuous reinvention of your business with the customer and employee at the core. Modernize applications and put the cloud to work. Redesign workflows and processes with AI, automation, IoT, and blockchain so your team can focus on uncovering insights that protect and fuel innovation at scale. In this campus, reimagine your business to conquer today’s biggest challenge: tomorrow.