Explore your potential

Labs, certification, and training opportunities are among the top reasons to attend IBM conferences. We’ve created Think Academy to be a supportive place to experience new technology, spend time with experts, and explore your potential.

A place to learn

With hundreds of different lab topics in a variety of styles (group, expert-led, self-paced and more), learn the way you learn best while gaining valuable career credentials along the way.

A place to focus

Focus on improving your career’s value by getting certified in one of over 300 different certifications or learning new soft-skills that you can take with you for the rest of your career.

A place to meet

Talk with the top minds behind the biggest advances in technology—from IoT, cloud, data, and security to AI, blockchain, systems and more. Pick the brains of your peers and leaders in your industry via our Ask Me Anything areas.

A place to play

With other great games, exciting activities and lots of welcoming spaces designed for hanging out, you might discover that the more playful parts of Think Academy are the most active spots you'll find at Think 2018.