The future of hybrid cloud and AI is here

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Hybrid cloud and AI are the foundation of smarter business. Think is where they come to life.

We understand that the world — and business — is in the midst of rapid and unpredictable change. Join us at Think 2021 to learn how to navigate change through transformation, automation and modernization. Learn about the future of hybrid cloud and AI and meet others who are using technology to make a difference.

Reasons to attend Think 2021
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    Reasons to attend Think 2021

    Personalized curriculum

    Tailor your agenda to your interests with on-demand and live sessions focused on real-world scenarios and solutions. Learn from innovators, thinkers and doers about the best tools to tackle your organization's imperatives.

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    Credential-building education

    Think Academy provides thousands of dollars' worth of training and knowledge to make yourself indispensable to your organization. Learn about the latest products and technologies in technical breakouts, hands-on labs, master classes and discounted certification exams.

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    New ways to engage

    Join our community and directly network with subject matter experts and your peers. Participate in community forums, break away for one-on-one chats and collaborate in the IBM Garage with the pros who create the technology you use every day. Get direct access to experts and local-language instructors in interactive panels.

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    Meet the thinkers and doers who are changing the world

    Think 2021 speakers are visionaries, innovators and game changers. Hear from today's brightest minds in keynotes, roadmap sessions, Trends & Directions talks and speaker chats.

    Sessions at a glance

    For a full line-up, including session times, please register for Think and visit the event platform. View the agenda: Americas | APAC & Japan | EMEA & India





    Tech level

    1043 Training and staffing tips for your cloud transformation project

    Cloud skills are an issue for most cloud projects. How are other experts managing their cloud skill gaps? When should you invest in training versus consulting? Join us for a panel discussion moderated by Aki Duvvur, VP IBM Public Cloud and joined by Thibault Dauphin, Cloud Education Lead for BNP Paribas; Mark Wyllie, CEO of Flagship Solutions Group; and Joe Noonan, Client Technical Leader, IBM.


    1061 Unleashing Industry 4.0 innovation on hybrid cloud with 5G, AI and Edge

    Manufacturers around the globe are encountering unprecedented challenges brought about by technological disruption and the COVID-19 pandemic. Deep integration of cutting-edge technologies with the changing nature of work will be key to turning these challenges into opportunities for growth. This session will explore how the intersection of 5G, AI, cloud, IoT and Robotics at the Edge can create a unique platform for Industry 4.0 transformation, worker empowerment and business innovation.


    1088 Maturing threat management with security as a service

    In this session, Dr. Matti Mantere, CISO of Luminor Group, the third largest provider of financial services in the Baltics, shares lessons learned on the group’s cyber risk management maturity journey. He talks about initiatives the group took to improve its internal capabilities, and why it chose to move to a security-as-a-service model to progress on its journey. He also shares his insights on the benefits and challenges to consider for successful threat management.


    1118 OpenBuilt: Enabling collaboration across a fragmented supply chain

    The fragmented built environment industry (construction, engineering, operations, manufacturing, infrastructure) has long been challenged by project delays, cost overages and material waste, caused by lack of coordination across multiple parties. An ecosystem, including Cemex, EDIN Network, AS Backe, Sol Services, Element, coBuilder, IBM and Red Hat, has come together to co-develop OpenBuilt. This session will discuss new possibilities for the built environment industry.


    1120 Building real-time inventory solutions leveraging multiple styles of integration with Prolifics

    In today's environment there is little patience for application outages from spikes in demand and no room for the additional costs to handle the scale-up or -down requirements manually. Learn how IBM Cloud Pak for Integration’s latest messaging and events capabilities deliver uniform clustering and native high availability (HA), which reduces outage risk and costs. You will also hear examples from our partner Prolifics, who will share a real-time inventory solution built on Kafka and IBM MQ.


    1127 Modernize with containers: Migrating legacy applications

    On the journey to the cloud, enterprise developers are facing challenges moving their existing on-premises applications to the cloud quickly and cost-effectively. One of the best solutions to this challenge is to modernize the platform infrastructure of an existing application and update its internal architecture and features. In this session by IBM Developer and Infosys, we will discuss what Application Modernization looks like in the real world and how we can run an app on the cloud.

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