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IBM System x for IBM Software – Innovating with Intel®

With today’s rising costs, increasing workloads and demands for 24×7 availability, there’s no room in your organization for under-performing, under-utilized or unreliable servers. IBM® System x® solutions built on Intel® technology offer superior performance and reliability within an energy- and wallet-friendly design. Best of all, they offer ultimate scalability and flexibility to help you get what you need, when you need it.

Join IBM and Intel® for this free technical event in your preferred city to see how to gain optimal performance and cost efficiency while meeting the growing demands of your IT infrastructure. You'll see how combined IBM software and System x solutions are robust enough to meet your requirements and provide innovative results!

- Dubai and Kuwait in November, registration will be opened soon.

The Storage World Is Changing - Are You Ready?

Inefficient, underutilized, underperforming storage is a burden your business cannot afford to bear. The demand for storage capacity results in large amounts of under utilized data. The demand for storage performance results in more and more spinning disks at the cost of capacity. Both are expensive, both limit responsiveness. Are you ready to change?
Smarter Storage from IBM is designed to deliver more of what you need from storage… and less:
More flash storage performance for less cost than spinning disk arrays
More data stored on less physical storage
More application throughput with less administrator effort
More control over cloud storage with less effort from storage staff

Bahrain and Jordan in November, registration will be opened soon.

Ellucian Live Middle East

Ellucian Live Middle East returns to Dubai for 2013 after a fantastic event in Abu Dhabi in 2012. Ellucian Live Middle East connects more than 500 higher education professionals from across the region in one of the largest learning networks of its kind.
Come and visit IBM, the Platinum Sponsor of the event to learn more about our solutions for higher education.

Oil and Gas IT Week

In the last few decades, Information Technology has had a great impact on transforming the oil & gas industry, from wellheads to executive headquarters. The industry depends on IT for accurate and real-time transmission of data, automated responses, accessibility of data and information across functional teams, as well as improved tracking and full mobility of its assets and resources.
Join IBM, an associate sponsor of the event to find out about our latest and leading solutions for Oil & Gas sector, specifically focusing on security.

Oil and Gas IT Week

SPE Intelligent Energy International is the world’s premier Conference and Exhibition for Intelligent Energy. Each year the event brings together the industry’s leading professionals to focus on the cutting edge technologies and developments in this field.
IBM is an important key partner of this event milestone event for number of years.

Edge Comes to You

To meet the business challenges of today, your infrastructure needs to be responsive, to be adaptive. Your business needs a software-defined environment (SDE) to match workloads with advanced IT resources for faster deployment of services. To help you address these challenges and transform your IT, IBM has announced a variety of new and enhanced offerings. Come meet with experts and see the latest at Edge 2013 Comes to You.

9th September 2013 - Murjaan Ball Room, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE (UK)

10th September 2013 - Jabrin Ball Room, Intercontinental Hotel, Muscat, Oman (UK)

12th September 2013 - Al Thuraya Main, JW Marriott, Safat, Kuwait City, Kuwait (UK)

Saudi Arabia CIO Summit 2013

Now, in its third year, IDC’s Saudi Arabia CIO Summit is recognized as the foremost gathering of CIOs and senior ICT executives in the kingdom. This year’s latest installment will provide thought-provoking and actionable insights through a mix of end-user presentations and case studies, giving the attendant CIOs the opportunity to hear about the latest global trends. Join IBM and learn from global ICT best practices, and become involved in general discussions with colleagues and peers during the dedicated networking breaks.

IBM Business Connect

Successful business leaders like you know that success is no longer a question of being able to process more information, work longer, faster or more efficiently. Being a leader in any field is now a matter of being all of those things at the same time, and much more. Constant learning and growth are key to successful adapting to your business environment in order to capitalize on emerging business opportunities.
This year, IBM's annual Business Connect Event is focused on Innovation to Accelerate Growth, featuring exciting speakers and experts who will lead the discussion about building a smarter and better preforming organization.

18thSeptember 2013 - Grand Hyatt Hotel, Doha, Qatar

SIBOS 2013

Sibos is the world’s premier financial services event

Sibos is an annual conference, exhibition and networking event organised by SWIFT for the financial industry. What started out as SWIFT’s interbank operations seminar, has grown into a premier business forum for the global financial community to debate and collaborate in the areas of payments, securities, cash management and trade.

Why attend?

In just one week, Sibos brings together some 7,000 decision makers and topic experts from financial institutions, market infrastructures, multinational corporations and technology partners. With half a dozen conference tracks, a hundred speakers and as many conference sessions, nearly 200 exhibitors, and plenty of networking events, Sibos is the place to do business and collectively shape the future of the financial industry.

Who are we?

Sibos is organised and facilitated by SWIFT, the global provider of secure financial messaging services. As the financial industry’s cooperative, SWIFT’s role is two-fold:

IBM zEnterprise

Organizations of all sizes are under intense competitive pressure to provide new and improved services, To innovate. to differentiate. To deliver new value. And to do it all for less, with fewer resources.
There is a solution. In September 2013 come learn about the exciting new announcements for zEnterpise to enable better business results.

23rd September 2013 - Sheraton Hotel, Kuwait City, Kuwait (UK)

24th September 2013 - Hilton Hotel, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

25th September 2013 - Ritz Carlton, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

IBM Software Day 2013

In today's economic environment, there is no time to rest or take stock of what is happening around you, at least not if you want to succeed. The rate of innovation at which the Information and Communication Technology field is moving at means that leaders, such as yourself, need to be constantly on the lookout for ways to give themselves, and their organizations, a competitive edge.
Business leaders know that they must anticipate customer-needs, landscape change and worldwide trends in order to maintain and grow their positions on their selected race course, but the choices out there can be daunting. That is why IBM's annual Software Day, is the "must attend" event of 2013.

IDC Middle East CIO Summit 2013

Now, in its 6th year, IDC’s CIO Summit Series is recognized as the foremost gathering of CIOs and senior IT Executives in the region. This year’s CIO Summit event provides thought provoking and actionable insights to CIOs and Senior ICT Executives through a mix of end user presentations and case studies giving CIOs the opportunity to hear about the latest global trends, learn from ICT best practices and become involved in general discussions with colleagues and peers during the dedicated networking breaks.

IBM System Storage Roadshow 2013

IBM makes a dramatic difference in the IT landscape with the IBM Smarter Storage for Smarter Computing approach. Central to this is open virtualization of storage and its ability to make a real, tangible impact on storage costs while dramatically improving flexibility. With an open virtualization of storage, physical disk capacity from multiple storage systems is pooled together and consumed based on business requirements. This flattening of the silos will drive up storage utilization. Virtual volumes become mobile from tier-to-tier, vendor-to-vendor, and site-to-site giving IT managers the flexibility they need to respond faster. And storage services remain common even across a disk array vendor change giving CIO’s ultimate control over the rising cost of storage.

Through compelling presentations, first-hand research results and live demonstrations, the Competitive Project Office's "Reap the Benefits of Deploying IBM’s Smarter Storage" customer briefing answers the question “How do I get started with IBM's Smarter Storage for Smarter Computing approach and what tangible business benefits will I see?”

IBM Day 2013

Day by day, the world is getting smarter.
System, cities, infrastructures and businesses are interconnected like no other time in history.

To ensure we continue building a smarter planet, IBM is holding a conference in Amman and Beirut to communicate key initiatives and solutions, and provide a platform for forward-thinking leaders in the region to explore and discuss the best practices.

Join fellow CIO's, IT Directors and Business decision makers in the region, where you can learn about how the world is getting smarter and how your organization could be a part of it.

Middle East & North Africa Market Forum 2013

We invite you gain new insights and profit from these new indictors of growth with IBM at the Misys Middle East & North Africa Market Forum for Banking and Finance 2013: The New Horizon - an exclusive C-Level symposium that will bring together industry leaders, experts from the banking and financial industry, IBM product experts, partners and peers to unravel the future of finance.

MENA Information Security Conference 2013

MENA ISC 2013 is being held for the first time in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on April 9th and 10th and will be hosted at the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel. The event will attract the best and brightest in the information security field, creating opportunities for conference attendees to learn about IT security's most important issues through first-hand interactions with peers, luminaries and emerging / established companies. MENA ISC 2011 and 2012 were huge successes in promoting Information Security and marking Jordan as a hub for the Middle East & North Africa in promoting security awareness.
Visit the IBM stand at the conference as well as join us for our speaker session during the event.

IDC's IT Security Roadshow 2013

Security investment remains a top priority for the IT department. However, there has been a big change in IT security strategies that has come about due to new initiatives such as Cloud and virtualization. Furthermore, the mobile and social revolutions have added a new level of complexity to IT security practice with the explosion of devices and platforms that are now commonplace.
IBM is a a highest level partner of this event with key note presentation and live demo area on latest IT security solutions. Join us at this leading IT Security event.

Arab Future Cities Summit 2013

The second annual Arab Future Cities Summit will once again gather together city leaders, Government officials, academics, urban service providers and city development experts to share experiences, smart thinking and best practice for implementing the smart cities of tomorrow.
IBM is a Diamond sponsor of the event and our Smarter Cities executive speaker will be presenting a key note speech as well as participating in panel discussion.

Ministry of Health & HIMSS Middle East Conference and Exhibition

The Conference will feature plenary sessions from the Ministry of Health to discuss insights into the the latest advances in HIT from around the Kingdom. IBM will be a key partner at the event showcasing latest industry solutions and presenting key insights.

Middle East Smarter Commerce Summit

We live in the age of the Chief Executive Customer who has virtually unlimited access to information as well as the ability to instantly share experiences through social networks and mobile technology. Organizations in the Middle East therefore face exciting new challenges in order to respond to an increasingly volatile and dynamic market.

Join the first IBM Middle East Smarter Commerce Summit at The Fairmont Hotel, Palm Jumeirah.

IBM Power Systems

On a Smarter Planet, the rise of mobile devices, big data, analytics and social business isn't simply remaking computing, creating explosive growth of compute intensive workloads; it is remaking businesses. To manage these changes, businesses need to reduce costs, drive faster insights and deliver an exceptional client experience with solutions that are efficient, affordable, easy to deploy and manage. For over two decades, businesses have relied on Power Systems™ to deliver industry leading solutions to meet their requirements. New IBM Power Systems and solutions with POWER7+ architecture and processor provide next wave of innovation with efficient and rapid response to workload demands, enabling consistently high service levels across hundreds of virtual workloads on a single system at an affordable price.

IBM Day 2013

Day by day, the world is getting smarter.
System, cities, infrastructures and businesses are interconnected like no other time in history.

To ensure we continue building a smarter planet, IBM is holding a conference in Amman and Beirut to communicate key initiatives and solutions, and provide a platform for forward-thinking leaders in the region to explore and discuss the best practices.

Join fellow CIO's, IT Directors and Business decision makers in the region, where you can learn about how the world is getting smarter and how your organization could be a part of it.

Reap The Benefits of Deploying IBM Smarter Storage

To make good business decisions you need to be able to analyze available information. But can you analyze the vast amounts and wide variety of information you have - not just structured data in databases, but e-mail, images, audio, video and more - so you can make the decisions that can keep you ahead of the market? You can’t afford to just keep adding disks - energy and management costs are becoming prohibitive - but you can’t afford not to store and take advantage of this data. How do you strike this balance?

Join IBM in 'Reap the Benefits for Deploying IBM Smarter Storage' event in your city and witness yourself with live demonstrations how IBM System Storage and Tivoli solutions can help you take advantage of the breakthrough economics of smarter computing.

IDC's Cloud Computing and Datacenter Roadshow 2013

Recent IDC cloud research shows that Worldwide spending on public IT cloud services is expected to approach $100 billion in 2016. Over the 2012-2016 forecast period, public IT cloud services will enjoy a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.4%, five times that of the IT industry overall, as companies accelerate their shift to the cloud services model for IT consumption.

Join IBM at this event to learn more about IBM solutions for Cloud Computing and Datacenter

CIPS Middle East Conference 2013

Procurement is increasingly becoming global as firms rely upon international competition and suppliers in emerging economies to reduce input costs.

Join IBM at the 2013 CIPS Middle East Conference, to be held on 19 May at the InterContinental Hotel, Festival City in Dubai, find out how procurement executives and experts in the Middle East tackle these challenges, take advantage of the opportunities and what the future looks like for the profession.

Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure

Event in Levant region, to generate demand and awareness of the new Tivoli branding: Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure
IBM Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure helps clients optimize the value of their business infrastructures and technology assets enabling greater visibility, control and automation across their end-to-end business operations. By providing integrated service delivery and management solutions, which includes capabilities for Cloud Computing, Enterprise Monitoring, Infrastructure Management, Enterprise Mobility and Intelligent Assets & Facilities, organizations of all can run smarter, more efficiently and with greater agility.

Contact information:
Alicia Robles

May 23rd - Beirut, Lebanon (Ballroom salon of the Intercontinental Pheonecia hotel)

BPEC 2013

The IBM Business Partner Executive Conference 2013 is just around the corner!
It's your unique opportunity in 2013 to share IBM best practices for delivering innovation and value to clients, and transforming your businesses for growth and profitability.
Avail this chance to meet IBM experts, learn about latest solutions and products at the exclusive Business Partner event. A New Business Partner for New Era

IBM Predictive Analytics Seminar

During this half day seminar, you will hear how leading organizations across a variety of industries use predictive analytics to drive customer loyalty and profitability, enhance operational effectiveness, and minimize risk and organizational threats. You will explore proven approaches to making better, faster decisions using information you already have, helping your organization predict with confidence what will happen next so that you can make smarter decisions and improve business outcomes.

Contact IBMDirect

2nd of June 2013 - Saudi Arabia, Riyadh

Security & Big Data Event

With major security breaches and fraud incidents making international headlines, organizations are taking steps to address the growing problems of advanced persistent threats, fraud, and insider attacks. Traditional security technologies lack the sophisticated capabilities and visibility required to detect and protect against such attacks. At best, they solve a single facet of the problem. Smart cyber criminals can skirt those defenses and blend into the background noise of an organization’s operations. They’re skilled and patient enough to perform stealthy reconnaissance of an organization’s network over months or years, eventually seizing the right opportunity to steal sensitive information assets - intellectual property, credit card numbers, customer databases - commit fraud, or otherwise damage the enterprise.

The IBM solution

IBM Security Intelligence with Big Data provides exceptional threat and risk detection, combining deep security expertise with analytical insights on a massive scale. For forward-leaning organizations seeking advanced insight into security risks, the IBM solution - including IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform (US) and IBM Big Data Platform (US) - provides a comprehensive, integrated approach that combines real-time correlation for continuous insight, custom analytics across massive structured and unstructured data, and forensic capabilities for irrefutable evidence. The combination can help you address advanced persistent threats, fraud and insider threats.

Contact Person:
Syed Faiz Alim

Riyadh (3rd June), Jeddah (4th June)

Security & Big Data Event

Advanced attacks, widespread fraud, the pervasive use of social media, and mobile and cloud computing are drastically altering the internet security landscape.

Traditional security technologies lack the sophisticated capabilities and visibility Required to detect and protect against such attacks. At best they solve a single facet of the problem.

IBM’s security intelligence provides exceptional threat and risk detection, combining deep security expertise with analytical insights on a massive scale.

Join us for a discussion on the management of information most precious to you and your customers, while minimizing all threats to security from the unknown.


IBM PureSystems Solutions Event

Join us at the PureSystems Solutions event and see how new solution offerings are designed to enable more reliable cloud deployments, capture new Mobile users and speed up business insights though analytics. We will also feature PureFlex and Flex System Reference Architectures for Cloud and SAP, Patterns designed to deliver Mobile applications and how you can create a Social business platform on PureApplication System.

IBM Security, Risk and Resiliency Conference

Modern financial institutions are dealing with a widening range of security
issues through the increasing prevalence of advanced persistent threats
(APTs) and internal operational failures of key security services. In the
past year, we've seen an explosion of financially motivated attacks against
banks in the region from the outside while we have also seen direct
financial losses associated with overburdened crypto key management from
the inside. Join us as we discuss managing what is most precious to you and your
customers, while keeping the threat of the unknown at bay.

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