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2012 events

Expert Integrated Systems launch events

Introducing expert integrated systems from IBM. A new computing category that completely changes the way you deploy, manage and fund IT. And one that will change your business, starting the moment it's installed.

  • Built-in Expertise: Capturing and automating what experts do – from the infrastructure to the application
  • Integration by Design: Deeply integrating and tuning hardware and software – in a single, ready-to-go system
  • Simplified Experience: Making every part of the IT lifecycle easier with integrated management of the entire system and a broad open ecosystem of optimized solution

So, please join us at the event watch your IT world transform completely.

Join IBM for the launch of an entirely new category of computing, expert integrated systems.

Dates and Locations

Turn Information into Insight

Learn what's new - Explore the latest advances in Information Management, Business Analytics and Enterprise Content Management

Get best practices - Hear from industry leaders who are leveraging information and applying analytics to realize and build competitive advantage in today's economic environment

Networking - Interact with your peers, industry experts, Business Partners and IBM executives who share your interests and challenges

Take action - Make an immediate impact on your organization with actionable next steps to improve business performance through Business Analytics and Optimization

Dates and Locations:

Business Get Social Roadshow - Saudi Arabia

Being a social business allows forward thinking organizations to reap great benefits by deepening their customer relationships, driving operational efficiencies and optimising the workforce - position your organization for a productive and "social" year. Attend the IBM 'Business Gets Social Roadshow' and get to learn about real-world solutions and real-world results from other companies who are well on their way on their social business journey.

Dates and Locations:


QITCOM 2012 will be held on March 5-7 at the Qatar National Convention Center. The second edition of Qatar's only ICT-industry focused Conference & Exhibition will attract leading global companies and local organizations looking to showcase their products, services and projects.
Just like last year IBM is supporting this event, coming as Gold Sponsor. Join us to find out how our sucess stories can help growing economy of Qatar reach its goals.

Dates and Location:


DatacenterDynamics Converged pulls together the people, processes and technology necessary to execute a world class data center strategy under one roof. Come and join IBM to find out the latest insights and effective solutions

Date and Location

IDC CIO Summit 2012

The Middle East CIO Summit is a widely recognized ICT-focused event where CIOs, CTOs, businesses, and IT executives acquire distilled and compact insights into IT strategies, emerging technologies, and best practices that have direct implications for their business. Valuable, high-level executive insights are shared in tightly regulated sessions where fresh new ideas, both disruptive and exciting, are shared so as to help IT and business professionals implement winning changes that need to be made to their existing IT strategies. Each year, this IDC event illuminates the many leading minds in attendance with cutting-edge industry best practices and engages vendors as they outline their new product blueprints and demonstrate practical solutions. For the 2012 edition, minds will be stretched as new ideas grow.
IBM is a summit partner of the CIO Summit and will present latest insights and address chalenges that CIO's curretly face and will come accross in future.

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