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As businesses bet big and bigger on Cloud adoption and Digital Transformation to drive innovation, the key to their successes lies in how well they incorporate security controls and innovate to manage the risks that are created by new technologies like AI, ML , Robotics and proliferation of connected devices.

What does it mean to unlock cybersecurity innovation? It means making bold decisions to weave security into business by embracing advanced technology and proactively managing risk.

At the IBM Security Summit 2020, an exclusive forum that showcases leading-edge cybersecurity thinkers and practitioners, you'll hear perspectives on new security innovations based on AI and ML; best practices on integration with hybrid multi-cloud adoption and digital transformation initiatives that will enable businesses to thrive in a technology driven economy.

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IBM Security Summit Agenda

Security for Business Leaders

9.00am – 12.45pm

Security for Practitioners

3.00pm – 6.30pm

Security for Developers

10.00am – 6.00pm

Women in Security Excelling (WISE)

1.00pm – 2.30pm

Security for Business Leaders (9.00am – 12.45pm)

Registration (Time: 8.30am – 9.00am)

Welcome & Opening Address (Time: 9.15am)
Sandip Patel, RGM, IBM India- South Asia

Session 1: Reinventing your Business - Securely (Time: 9.25am – 35 Mins)
Shalini Warrier, ED and Board Member, Federal Bank, shares her experience and views about a technology led business transformation initiative; the need for this approach in the digital era and how building security into the conversation right at the beginning ensures a successful transformation followed by a conversation with IBM experts, Seema Kumar

Session 2: Drive Security into the Fabric of Business (Time: 10.00am – 25 Mins)
Brenda Harvey, General Manager, IBM Asia Pacific shares her point of view on the need to integrate security firmly at every phase of a cloud-first business transformation to ensure its success followed by a fire side chat with Chris McCurdy, Vice President, IBM Security on the best practices and capabilities needed to modernize the security journey to hybrid multi-cloud environment, balancing cyber risk to scale across instances and infrastructure.

Session 3: Build Your Trust Advantage (Time: 10.30am – 40 Mins)
Trust is crucial for any relationship, especially so when incidents like Fraud; identity theft; breaches due to access misuse by insiders; etc are lurking around every step of the way. Hear first hand from leaders in business and IT about their PoV, their expectations and challenges on earning and growing the trust of their customers and stakeholders.

Tea Break (Time: 11.10am – 20 Mins)

Session 4: Building a Cyber Resilient Business (Time: 11.30am – 25 Mins)
With the adoption of technology in every aspect of an organizations' day to day operations, building cyber-resiliency is imperative. National Stock Exchange has incorporated a cyber resilience framework across the security, networking and resiliency functions to accelerate their business and optimize the operations. Hear from M V Sheshadri, CISO, NSE and Tariq Ahmad, Country Manager Hybrid Cloud and Resiliency Services more about this partnership.

Session 5: Security Essentials for your Journey to Cloud (Time: 11.55am – 20 Mins)
Secure By Design is essential to lower risk during your Journey to Cloud and Digitization. Join Vikas Arora, Vice President, Cloud and Cognitive Services, IBM-ISA and Srinivas Tummalapenta, DE, IBM Security Services as they unravel IBM’s proposition on the Journey to Cloud and the concepts secure orchestration for workloads and DevSecOps practices for hybrid-cloud based workloads.

Session 6: Why is a Public-Private Partnership key to secure Digital India? (Time: 12.15am – 30 Mins)
Lt. Gen Rajesh Pant, Chief of National Cyber Security Co-Ordinator talks about the initiatives by GoI in the area of Data Residency, Security and Privacy; impact of cyber terrorism on the economy and the need for a PPP approach to tackle this omnipresent threat

Wrap Up

Security for Practitioners (3.00pm – 6.30pm)

Session: IBM Security POV (Time: 3.00pm – 20 Mins)
Drive Security into the Fabric of Business
The cloud-first business unlocks transformation to enable growth and modernizes the security journey to hybrid multi-cloud, balancing cyber risk to scale across instances and infrastructure.

Operationalizing NIST Framework (Time: 3.20pm – 30 Mins)
Speaker: Tariq Ahmad - Country Manager, Hybrid Cloud and Business Resiliency Services, IBM ISA

Experience Zone Walk Thru (Time: 3.50pm – 40 Mins)

Break Out Tracks (Time: 4.30pm – 6.30pm)

Digital Trust

  • Securing Data and Identity on a Mobile Platform - VIL VSDM
  • Data Security - Tushar H
  • Identity Analytics - Shaibal Saha
  • Experience - Sudeep

Threat Management

  • Building a SOC - Vivek Attri - AVP Information Security, Genpact
  • User Behavior Analytics Tuning - Sudeep with Security Customer Support
  • Threat Hunting - Chee Mun
  • Cloud Pak for Security - Roadmap - Sulakshan V

GSI Engagement

  • Partnering for Success -Two to Tango: Vaidy & Lata Singh
  • Why IBM Security should be your partner of choice? - Sudeep Das
  • Open House Discussion
  • Enable and Skill Up with IBM Security - Sudeep Das

Security for Developers (10.00am – 6.00pm)

Session 1: Developers and IBM: Overview of Developer Advocacy, Call for Code (Time: 10.00am – 20 Mins)
IBM Developer Advocates are here to help you successfully develop for the cloud and cognitive era with cutting edge, open technologies and to accelerate your next great project. Priya Mallya

Fireside chat with Sandip Patel (Time: 10.20am – 10 Mins)
Introducing Sandip to developers and hearing from him on what his vision for developers is from an IBM perspective

Session 6: Shifting the DevSecOps Culture in the Organisation (Time: 10.30am – 30 Mins)
How do we go about building the DevSecOps culture in the organization? So far organisations are trying to have all three teams Dev, Sec and Ops team together. However, the Ideal DevSecOps idea is each individual should know what is happening in the whole process. Vandana Verma Sehgal

Hackathon overview (Time: 11.00am – 15 Mins)
Tea Break (Time: 11.15am – 15 Mins)
Call for Code Hackathon (Time: 11.30am – 90 Mins)
working Lunch (Time: 01.00pm – 45 Mins)
Call for Code Hackathon continues (Time: 01.45pm – 120 Mins)
Tea Break (Time: 03.45pm – 15 Mins)
Project Presentations by teams (Time: 04.00pm – 90 Mins)
Declaration of winners and event wrap (Time: 05.45pm – 10 Mins)

Women in Security Excelling (WISE)(1.00pm – 2.30pm)

Welcome & Opening Address (Time: 1.00pm – 10 mins)
Introduces & recapitulate IBM WISE journey in the context of security landscape in India & set the context for the proceedings. Mary O'Brien - General Manager IBM Security

Super Women’s Open Challenge : Gateway to a career in Cyber Security (Time: 1.10pm – 65 mins)

  • First of its kind engaging event with a platform to participate, learn and interact with Eminent Cybersecurity Leaders
  • Get the feel & vibe of Cybersecurity world with practical use case/scenarios
  • Witness live mentoring session powered by Eminent Cybersecurity Leaders

Maya Nair/Brenda
NS Nappinai

TED Style inspirational talk (Time: 2.15pm – 15 mins)
A TED style inspirational talk – about challenging oneself to explore new frontiers

CyberDay4Women Workshop (Time: 2.30pm – 60 mins)

  • Witness Social Engineering demo on "how Security is impacting you every day everywhere?"
  • Get engaged in the Threat modelling hands on exercise, case study & presentation
  • Understand how Cybersecurity spans across emerging Technologies (Cloud, cognitive, Data science, Machine Learning etc.)
  • Get an overview on "how to accelerate your career with IBM Security"

Key takeaways


Cybersecurity is the corner stone of success in a data rich, hybrid-multi cloud economy that is betting big on digitization for growth and profits


Protect and grow your cloud and digital transformation investments by embedding security into the core of your IT framework


Respond faster and better to threats by unifying people, process and tools with AI-assisted visibility and action


Lower the impact to your business better by building resiliency into the security plans

Meet our speakers

Sandip Patel icon-expand-white

Sandip Patel

Tariq Ahmad icon-expand-white

Tariq Ahmad

Srinivas Tummalapenta icon-expand-white

Srinivas Tummalapenta

Sudeep Das icon-expand-white

Sudeep Das

Chris McCurdy icon-expand-white

Chris McCurdy

Brenda Harvey icon-expand-white

Brenda Harvey

Shaibal Saha icon-expand-white

Shaibal Saha

Vikas Arora icon-expand-white

Vikas Arora

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