Think Digital Summit
India & South Asia

Technology Practitioners
11 November 2020

Think Digital Summit
India & South Asia

Technology Practitioners
11 November 2020

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to Think Digital Summit - Technology Practitioners

to Think Digital Summit - Technology Practitioners

The pandemic has made it clear: the old way of working is over. To stay competitive, companies need to transform to a different normal. You’re at the forefront of this technology transformation which will be driven by three major shifts: modernization of critical workloads, the orchestration of applications flexibly across environments, and the growing use of operational AI and edge applications.

– be it Cloud, AI or game-changing technology.

Discover New Ideas and New Possibilities at the Think Digital Summit India & South Asia. Let’s put smart to work!



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*The timings and sessions are subject to change

10:00 AM onwards

Welcome Address – Tech Realities of a post pandemic World

Speaker: Sandip Patel


Adapting to the new reality

Speaker: Subram Natarajan, CTO, IBM ISA

An open, hybrid and multicloud approach matters even more in the new normal

Speaker: Ameeta Roy, CTO, Red Hat, India

Tech Talk

Speaker: Subram & Ameeta


Future of AI

Speaker: Gargi Dasgupta


Quantum – Computing / Systems of the Future

Fraunhofer recently joined the IBM Q Network, and we will be hearing from them how things are going so far and what the future holds for their foray into Quantum Computing

Speaker: Mark Mattingley-Scott, Ingolf Wittman


Cyber Range: An Effective Way to Train your Teams

The virtual environment of a Cyber Range delivers simulated real-world attacks that test multiple dimensions and stakeholders within diverse environments. This makes it one of the most effective ways to train not just the IT and SOC teams, but the entire organization so they have the right knowledge when an incident occurs. Experience the Cyber Range capabilities virtually and equip your self to champion this exercise for your team and organization.

Speaker: Daniel King


External Celebrity Closing Keynote

Speaker: Vishal Gondal, Founder, GoQii

Break out Tracks

11:30 AM

Hybrid Cloud in an Open World

The adoption of hybrid multicloud architecture helps you easily build and modernize applications and make your data ready for your journey to AI across your entire company. A unified architecture supports workloads in your data center, on public cloud, and at the edge, to simplify management and governance and help you facilitate security and regulatory compliance with visibility at all layers. This standards-based architecture positions you to better utilize data across all sources, modernize applications, and deploy AI throughout your business. It’s why we’ve architected our hybrid multicloud and public cloud offerings with modularity, open source standards, and secure distributed cloud management – including the ability to use IBM Cloud services anywhere, delivered as-a-service from a single pane of glass.

Speaker: Sai Vennam, Technical Offering Manager, IBM Cloud

11:45 AM

Hybrid DevOps: Dev and Test in Public, Run Anywhere

Don’t assume development can’t use public cloud tools just because production is on private. Dev & test environments benefit from public cloud elasticity regardless of where production is deployed. IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery provides toolchains that can reach any compute targets in IBM Cloud (including OpenShift), across regions, or outside using Tekton-based pipelines and private pipeline workers for private or local targets. Toolchains also integrate with existing tools, and can be rapidly instantiated from templates implementing DevOps reference architectures

Speaker: Girish Dhanakshirur, Director and Distinguished Engineer, IBM Cloud Labs

12:00 PM

Infrastructure as Code: Accelerate application and infrastructure performance with consistent provisioning and orchestration

In an era when it’s not uncommon for an enterprise to deploy hundreds of applications into production every day—and when infrastructure is constantly being spun up, torn down, and scaled up and down in response to modernisation and user demands, it’s essential for an organization to automate infrastructure in order to control costs, reduce risks, and respond with speed to new business opportunities and competitive threats. IaC makes this automation possible. IBM’s IaC capabilities, which feature customizable and shareable templates, patterns by each industry that can lay the groundwork for modernising applications, no matter where you are on your journey of infrastructure or cloud. How do you get started on the IaC journey, simplify and manage your infrastructure and can help enterprises increase overall application and infrastructure performance with consistent provisioning and orchestration.

Speaker: Shalabh Nagar, Distinguished Engineer, CTO, Services and Solutions Integration Leader, IBM

12:15 PM

Putting the Edge to Work: How to Deploy and Scale Edge Workloads with Autonomous Management

Unlike centralized computing where there are a limited set of data centers, server environments, and configurations, Edge computing presents massive amounts of scale and variability that requires new management solutions. IBM Edge Application Manager allows a single administrator to apply policies that will autonomously manage the scale and variability of application environments across tens of thousands of endpoints, in a secure way across your hybrid environment. In this session, you’ll get a deep dive on how Edge Application Manager works and see how to deploy workloads to a set of Edge devices.

Speaker: Rob High, IBM Fellow, Vice President and CTO, IBM Edge Computing, IBM

12:30 PM

Journey to Cloud

12:45 PM

Leading through Change & the critical role of Infrastructure

Companies are transforming in an era dominated by AI and cloud, which are forever changing commerce. The pandemic has also shown how resiliency and flexibility are vital to an organizations' IT infrastructure . Join us for a perspective on leading through change and the critical role of IT infrastructure in these unprecedented times.

Speaker: Monica Aggarwal, VP Cognitive Systems Development, WW, IBM

11:30 AM

Act, Don’t React: How AI and Automation Will Change the Way You Work

Now, more than ever, organizations are under pressure to change the way they work. In today’s distributed work environment, organizations can’t afford to be tied into a single ecosystem — they need an open one that offers the freedom to shift direction at the speed they need and their customers' demand. With AI and automation, organizations can take a proactive approach to transform their business and infuse intelligence across their workflows. In this keynote session, learn how clients are using our prescriptive approach to put AI and automation to work in their organization, and hear some of our partners discuss the importance of being open.

Speaker: Dileep Rangan

11:45 AM

Accelerate Data and AI Transformation - Introduction to DataOps

DataOps is an emerging practice that focuses on orchestrating people, processes, and technology to deliver trusted, business-ready data to data consumers, operations, applications and AI fast. In this session, IBM will share how clients have adopted DataOps across data engineering and data warehousing organizations, lessons learned, and steps to get started with your own journey.

Speaker: Kitman Cheung

12:00 PM

Build a machine learning model with the next generation AI automation

Learn how to rapidly automate the task of building, deploying and then integrating AI into business applications using IBM AutoAI. In this session, we’ll demonstrate the latest AI techniques to accelerate and optimise the creation of machine learning and data science workflows.

Speaker: Nicholas Renotte

12:15 PM

Beyond the Bot: Staying Ahead with AI

Your customers need you now more than ever. In the face of profound change, customers rely on brands that understand their needs, and find ways to serve them in increasingly personal, trusted ways. The contact center is the new battleground for customer experience as businesses look to serve and support customers virtually. Join leaders as they share their bold approach to customer service that has helped them be responsive in uncertain times and scale to customer demands.

Speaker: Kiran Challapalli

12:30 PM

Leveraging AI to curb financial crimes

The world at large is in unsettling, uncharted waters.  One thing we know for certain, risk and fraud challenges are increasing for banks and other financial services. Knowing who your customer and account holder really is will become an even more increasing challenge as resources are limited or redeployed, but the need to provide sound risk-free banking services at all levels remains.  The need of your Bank to automate and enhance your internal and external governance, risk and compliance capabilities has never been so profound.  In this area, IBM is well placed to deliver AI, automation and machine learning capabilities. We are well placed to assist you in addressing the threats related to the modern financial crimes landscape, by applying the latest technology approaches via a paradigm change as it pertains to the before mentioned challenges.

Speaker: Steven Scheurmann

12:45 PM

From Here to AI: Fuel a data driven strategy leveraging Agile & Secure Infrastructure

Industry is today at an interesting precipice of revolutionizing work models, reshaping businesses and remodelling customer experiences. At the centre – stands AI and the unprecedented opportunity it offers for transformation. With ‘data’ fuelling entire ecosystems – dependability on mission critical applications assumes increasing significance. This dialogue will focus on unleashing the importance of modernization and AI solutions and hybrid cloud strategies towards creating data and information-led products and services.

Speaker: Rohit sood

11:30 AM

5 key tenets of Services Transformation

Enterprises today are challenged to make their customer service and support processes smarter. Businesses will now need to incorporate cognitive tools like AI and natural language processing to create intuitive seamless support environments available to customers and agents anytime, anywhere. In this session, we’ll share the evolution of IBM's Cognitive Support Platform, including how intelligent workflows paired with IBM Watson and an Agile approach to innovating on Salesforce is enabling our agents to resolve customer requests faster and scale proven efficiencies across our global customer support organization.

Speaker: Rashmeet Sawhney

11:45 AM

Delivering Customer Experience & Design for the New Normal

With digital channels becoming the de-facto standard for customer engagement, performance of web and mobile platforms is more important than ever. No matter the circumstances, customers expect companies to anticipate their needs—and deliver on them. In this session you will learn how IBM iX can provide guidance for companies to quickly act and optimize their customer experiences anytime, anywhere.

Speaker: Sujith Jain

12:00 PM

Emerge Stronger with the new Dynamic Delivery Model built on an Agile & Resilient Infrastructure

Service delivery models need to be reimagined to allow businesses to achieve their transformation objectives. In this session, learn about Dynamic Delivery - a holistic approach that goes beyond just virtual collaboration or automating a few processes, represents the next generation of service delivery necessary to help businesses realize value in the new normal. We will also take a sneak peek at the importance of the choice of Infrastructure to support Agile Services delivery while ensuring peace of mind with its unmatched availability & security features.

Speaker: A Haja Jahabar + Abhishek Soni

12:15 PM

Increase agility with application modernization

According to a recent Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study, organizations that partner with IBM Services experience improved speed of migration and modernization by over 46%. Application modernization is driven by the need to transform business to build new capabilities and deliver them quickly. Join this session to accelerate your application modernization journey.

Speaker: Padmini Talagavaram + Saujanya Das

12:30 PM

From automation to Hyperintelligent automation

Enterprises across industries are looking for automation solutions in order to drive process efficiencies, enhance customer experience, amplify employee engagement, and drive business continuity. Hyper Intelligent Automation expands the capabilities of automation by using Process Mining, Task Mining, Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Analytics, and other cutting-edge technologies. Attend this session to know more about best practices and hyperintelligent automation setup that can accelerate your automation journey.

Speaker: Divya Rajagopal

12:45 PM

Smarter Supply Chains - built for today, ready for tomorrow

A smarter business starts with a smarter supply chain - that enable end-to-end visibility and transparency with intelligent workflows, minimal complexity of supplier onboarding and deeper collaboration. In this session, learn how can you achieve true end-to-end supply chain visibility. How can you use data more effectively to mitigate disruption and how can you build a smarter and more resilient global supply chain. 

Speaker: Shamindra Basu

1:00 PM

Driving Procurement Transformation with IBM & SAP ARIBA

Increase visibility and control of spend across your enterprise; deliver sustainable, enterprise-wide savings; and improve implementation times and reduce risk. The tight integration between IBM and SAP Ariba combines the strengths of both companies to help transform our joint customers into e-business on demand enterprises. This alliance enables organizations to implement an on-demand solution that is integrated across their company with key partners and suppliers and can deliver greater cost savings, efficiencies, and competitive advantage to global enterprises.

Speaker:Avishek Jha/ Sumi Vivek/ Saket Jha

1:15 PM

Responsible AI in Financial Services

Speaker: Shamik/Shankar/Sanjay O

11:30 AM

Building an effective hybrid multi-cloud security

Without the right tools and skills in place, managing threats across multiple cloud deployments, or even one, can be challenging and potentially impossible. Join this session to learn more about monitoring and detection approaches for hybrid cloud environments, such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and on-prem.

Speaker: Ravi Shankar Mallah

11:45 AM

How AI and Automation in Security can Change your business

Threats are becoming increasingly sophisticated and frequent. This requires an intelligent, real time and orchestrated approach to mitigate and contain them. Learn how how to use the next gen SOC that comes embedded with AI and automation capabilities to not just secure your environments but also to drive new customer acquisition and business growth.

Speaker: Sudeep Das & Boudhayan Chakrabarty

12:00 PM

Modernizing your SOC for the Cloud

Increased attack surfaces and disparate data sources in the new norm put an enormous strain on the already stretched security operations centres (SOC). With accelerated migration to cloud and digitalization, this will only increase. Learn how an integrated threat management program spanning across IT, OT and IoT security can help you be prepared and stay ahead of threats.

Speaker: Aloke Dani

12:15 PM

How to uplift the SOC performance with SOAR and existing skill sets?

Most SOCs are already overwhelmed with data, multiple disconnected workflows and use cases and struggle to keep up with the shifting threat environment. Hear in this session how you can uplift the efficiency of your existing SOC by augmenting it with SOAR capabilities to allow for faster and better threat management based on automation, orchestration and response.

Speaker: Harjinder Singh Takher

12:30 PM

Build the trust advantage with Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Digital trust is not only about providing the right access to the right users with the right information at the right time but also about ensuring a smooth and secure experience for your users. This is possible only when the IAM framework is unified and smart with features such as conditional access, multi-factor authentication, behavioural biometrics, etc. Join us to hear more about the smart and modern IAM approach.

Speaker: Tushar Haralkar

12:45 PM

Fix vulnerabilities before criminals find them with IBM X-Force Red

In the hyperconnected world we inhibit, applications, network, hardware and personnel are all sources of high potential for a breach. Given the proliferation of these elements, its very difficult to find out all the vulnerabilities and fix them on a daily, consistent basis. IBM X-Force Red team of veteran hackers helps uncover the vulnerabilities in real-time, enabling you to remediate the most critical ones immediately. Dial in to hear and see more about this fascinating service from IBM.

Speaker: Brandon Ford

*This track is open only for Business Partners

From 15:00 onwards

Welcome Address

Speaker: Sandip Patel

India Market Paradigm

Speaker: Lata Singh

Nurturing an engaged Ecosystem

Red Hat Value Proposition

Speaker: Ameeta Roy, CTO Red Hat, India & SA

Unleashing Value - IBM Ecosystem Partners with passion for IBM; Industry view

Creating New markets with Digital

Speaker: Catherine S

Closing Remarks

Speaker: Lata Singh