Replay; Introduction

Replay: Model Fairness

Replay: Adversarial Robustness Tool (ART)

Replay: Watson OpenScale

When deploying machine learning models, other factors besides the accuracy of the model needs to be considered. Is the model biased? Can the decisions made by the model be explained?. Is the model robust to adversarial attacks? IBM has developed 3 toolkits to help address these questions. This session will provide a brief overview of the toolkits and 1 lab on each toolkit. In addition, a lab on Watson Openscale which monitors accuracy, bias, and model drift will also be included. The attendees will use Watson Studio to complete the labs.
The hands-on labs will be performed using IBM’s fully managed Data Science Cloud platform (Watson Studio). Instructions to create a free Watson Studio account can be found at the link below;

Watson Studio Sign-up Instructions

Watson Studio home page

Agenda - US Eastern time