IBM® Proof of Technology virtual workshops are instructor-guided, self-paced hands-on sessions where you can experience the various capabilities, user interface, data modeling, author reports and dashboards available with IBM Cognos Analytics software.


The IBM Cognos Analytics Proof of Technology Workshops give you the opportunity to discover the ease of use available with these market leading analytics toolsets. Learn how easily you can adapt the Cognos Analytics dashboards to your employees and create reports designed with business analytics to help drive better business outcomes. Your instructor will explain and demonstrate various capabilities within Cognos Analytics. Then, go hands-on and prove the business value of the toolset for yourself.

During the morning session take on the role of casual user building simple yet professional looking dashboards with Smart Analytics and AI guided discovery, taking a deep dive into the new exploration capabilities. In the afternoon, we will offer an OPTIONAL session for the more advanced user to interact with the Cognos portal, view and interact with reports, modify reports, prepare your data by doing some simple data modeling showing how you can combine data sources for more insights into your organization.

Gain valuable insights and discover the ease with which you can get the business intelligence your organization needs using IBM’s analytics tools. Cognos Analytics allows the user to quickly have access to data and therefore not have as much reliance on the I.T. department, yet still have the security and data governance. In the Cognos Analytics labs you will be able to explore not just how to build reports, but also see how the Cognos technology can guide your analysis and show you things you may not have been aware of.


Ready to create reports that drive top-performing, analytics-driven results? This workshop is for all users of IBM’s Business Intelligence software, including professional report authors, and business users.


    Cognos Analytics Navigation and Search
    Dashboard Development
    Analyzing Personal Datasets
    Intent Driven Modeling
    Data Discovery and Preparation
    Creating Calculations and Custom Groups
    AI Driven Data Exploration
    ML Recommended Visualizations
    Report Creation with new Layout and Styling
    Report Execution and Scheduling

This is a no charge session



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