IBM Data Sharing with Event Exhibitors and IBM Use of Tracking Technology 

IN PERSON EVENTS - You may be asked to have your badge scanned at an in-person event.  If you agree to having your badge scanned, this will serve as your authorization for IBM to share your contact information with event exhibitors solely for the purpose of their following up on your interaction with them.   

At in-person events, IBM may also use tracking technology such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), iBeacons or QRCodes to track your location around the event. When IBM makes use of such technologies, you will be informed accordingly at the registration desk and upon delivery of your badge. This information is used to understand what activities you attend, in order to improve future events, to help create a more personalized experience for you at the event or in the follow up event activities.  If you do not wish to be tracked as specified above, please contact the registration desk to have the tracking technology on your badge disabled. 

DIGITAL EVENTS - when you participate in a digital trackable interaction (e.g. at a digital booth, use of contact me, chat, or other interactions.)this will serve as your authorization to IBM to share your contact information with the specific Exhibitor solely for the purpose of their following up with you  on your interactions with them during the event.

ALL EVENTS -  You will be given notice before any badge scanning or digital trackable interaction and whether you choose to participate is entirely optional and at your discretion, and you may choose to not participate.  Use of your contact information by an Exhibitor is governed by its respective Privacy Policy. IBM's transmission of said data to Exhibitors shall not be deemed as IBM securing permission for said Exhibitors to send you marketing materials. IBM assumes no responsibility for Exhibitor use of this data.