Join Bill Lobig, VP of IBM Automation, for an important discussion about innovation in Automation that will help you innovate. Bill hosts Alan-Pelz Sharp of Deep Analysis, who launched the “Innovation Index” in 2021, to discuss what defines innovation today.

Then Dr. Merve Unuvar, Director, AI and Automation for IBM Research, joins Bill to share some new capabilities emerging from IBM Research. Finally, James Taylor, Founder and CEO of Decision Management Solutions, will join us to discuss how to go beyond simply digitizing manual processes in becoming "an autonomous business". 

Don’t miss this fascinating conversation.


Why Talk About Innovation?

Bill Lobig, VP, Product Management, IBM Automation


What Does Innovation Mean for Automation?

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Founder of Deep Analysis


IBM's Culture of Innovation

Bill Lobig, VP, Product Management, IBM Automation


New AI and Automation Capabilities from IBM Research

Dr. Merve Unuvar, Director, AI Platforms and Automation, IBM Research


Innovations in the Business Automation Portfolio

Bill Lobig, VP, Product Management, IBM Automation


How IBM Customers Can Innovate

James Taylor, Founder and CEO, Decision Management Solutions



Featured Speakers

Bill Lobig

Bill Lobig

VP of Product Management
IBM Automation
Alan Headshot copy (1)

Alan Pelz-Sharpe

Deep Analysis
Merve Unuvar Profile

Dr. Merve Unuvar

Director of AI Platforms
and Automation
IBM Research
James Taylor

James Taylor

Founder & CEO
Decision Management Solutions


Winner of an Innovation Index 2020 Award:

IBM Automation Document Processing