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This IBM sponsored no cost workshop will give clients a full day of education on data science using the IBM Watson Studio platform. Attendees will apply Watson Studio capabilities to find and prepare data, build and refine models, and deploy and manage the model in production. Students will get practical, hands-on experience doing data science using the IBM toolchain for data science/machine learning.

Watson Studio – The Watson Studio platform is designed to bring together everything a data scientist needs to be successful. Watson Studio provides you with the environment and tools to solve your business problems by collaboratively working with data. You can choose the tools you need to analyze and visualize data, to cleanse and shape data, to ingest streaming data, or to create, train, and deploy machine learning/deep learning models. Watson Studio combines popular open source tools (Python, R, Jupyter Notebooks, Tensorflow, Keras,..) with IBM value-add capabilities (SPSS Modeler, Data Refinery, Watson Machine Learning …) to help infuse AI into business to drive innovation.

Watson Knowledge Catalog- Watson Studio is tightly integrated with the Watson Knowledge Catalog. The Watson Knowledge Catalog is a secure enterprise catalog to discover, catalog and govern your data/models with greater efficiency. The catalog is underpinned by a central repository of metadata describing all the information managed by the platform. Users will be able to securely share data with their colleagues more easily, regardless of what the data is, where it is stored, or how they intend to use it. In this way, the intelligent asset catalog will unlock the value held within that data across user groups—helping organizations use this key asset to its full potential.

WHO SHOULD GO: Anyone interested in learning more about Data Science and IBM Watson Studio.

PREREQUISITE: A high level understanding of Data Science methods. Some coding experience desirable, but not necessary.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Expect to spend a full day of lecture and hands-on exercises attacking data science challenges using IBM’s Watson Studio.

The hands-on labs will be performed using IBM’s fully managed Data Science Cloud platform (Cloud Pak for Data). Instructions to create a free Cloud Pak for Data account can be found at the link below;

Cloud Pak for Data Sign Up Instructions

Watson Studio home page

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