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C Space Storyteller: Knotch, IBM and Unilever

The Modern Marketer’s biggest dilemma; Trust.

Michelle Peluso, SVP & CMO of IBM and Keith Weed, CMO of Unilever discuss with Anda Gansca, CEO & Founder of Knotch, how new technologies are providing solutions to age old problems.

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Quantum Computing with IBM Q

Over 50 years of advances in mathematics, materials science, and computer science have transformed quantum computing from theory to reality. Today, real IBM quantum computers can be accessed through the cloud, and many thousands of people have used them to learn, conduct research, and tackle new problems. Come see for yourself how IBM is designing the future of quantum systems and get excited about where they might take us.

IBM Project Debater

Project Debater – Speech by Crowd builds on IBM’s unique Project Debater argument mining and speech generation capabilities. Many decisions made daily are formed based on people’s points of view. Yet, the ability to collect such data in an engaging manner, and truly understand the point of view of large audience along multiple aspects, does not exist today. Having such a view will enable decision-makers to make better informed and more actionable decisions.

IBM Food Trust

IBM Food Trust is a trusted information-sharing platform for the food industry that creates unprecedented visibility at each step of the supply chain. Powered by blockchain, it enables food growers, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers to transact in more trusted and transparent manner.  Together we are building a safer, smarter, and more sustainable food system from farm to fork.

Watson in Action

The Watson in Action experience brings three dimensions of Watson to life –visual recognition, sound analysis, and natural language understanding. We have positioned these as ‘sees, listens, and understands’. Attendees will experience and interact with intro and outro segments that prime them for how these technologies are at work in the world of sport and the world at large.At the end of the experience, users will be invited to share their own AI Highlight on social media.

Video Streaming with AI-driven Video Analytics

Intelligent Video Analytics with AI is a vital component of The Power of 3: How IBM, AT&T, and Samsung Are using AI for Social Good in supporting and protecting First Responders. In harnessing AI capabilities and applying them to the needs of the 21st Century First Responder, the combined power of IBM, AT&T and Samsung provides unprecedented tools for actionable insight, situational awareness and enhanced decision making, thus improving operational effectiveness, as well as increasing first responder and citizen safety. 

AI-powered Work

AI-powered Work showcases how AI applies visual and acoustic data, captured through portable IoS and Android devices. The experience shows how an industrial robot can predict or diagnose potential failures or quality issues for products in field service or manufacturing of products.  And, the AI and AR-guided equipment advisor helps technicians to perform service quickly and accurately to minimize downtime and improve customer satisfaction.

Call for Code

How would 23 million developers solve the world's greatest challenges? Developers have revolutionized the way people live and interact with virtually everyone and everything. Where most people see challenges, developers see possibilities. That’s why IBM is the Founding Partner for "Call for Code", a multi-year global initiative and rallying cry to developers to use their skills and mastery of the latest technologies, and to create new ones, to drive positive and long-lasting change across the world with their code.

Learn how the 2018 Call for Code winners are deploying 'clusterducks' to create internet where there is none to help mitigate natural disasters.

Smarter Innovation

Smarter Innovation showcases solutions to help high-tech and electronics makers move beyond simply connecting devices. Experience how organizations can differentiate consumer experiences through the use of IoT data and the infusion of AI into their products.

Smarter Vehicles

Automakers are becoming digital mobility services providers, generating revenue from data, platform ownership or service monetization. We demonstrate examples of AI and IoT in vehicle applications and share our approach to helping automakers manage this digital transformation. 

Smarter Operations

AI and blockchain applied to operations can dramatically improve costs, quality and responsiveness in high-tech and manufacturing companies. Blockchain can be used for parts trace ability to ensure quality and fight fraud or through TradeLens to foster greater collaboration and trust across the global supply chain.

Smarter Customer Care

Smarter Customer care means leveraging AI to improve customer service while simultaneously cutting costs. With IBM Watson, 90% of customer inquiries can be redirected to apps, chatbots or web interactions, freeing live agents to respond directly and accurately to unique customer cases.

Smarter Media & Entertainment

Customers today have more choices than ever before on what content to consume and where/how to consume it. Exponential growth in data usage, paired with an increasing number of devices, is putting an immense pressure on the current network infrastructure to scale. See how IBM Blockchain, AI and analytics are paving the way for transformation in the Media & Entertainment Industry.

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