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Cutting Through the Hype with First-of-a-Kind Collaboration: a Live Pilot with Blockchain

Every once in a while, a new technology comes along enabling us to completely reimagine existing business processes and industry standards. Blockchain is proving to be just that. Join us in an interactive forum to hear how a group of major companies across Australia have been successfully collaborating, from ideation and proof of concept through to a Live Pilot using blockchain technology that will deliver improved experiences for their clients of all sizes and the wider business ecosystem.

The Cognitive Enterprise: Reinventing Your Company with AI

We are at the cusp of a new era of business reinvention. Organisations are faced with an unprecedented convergence of technological, social and regulatory forces. As artificial intelligence (AI), automation, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and 5G become pervasive, their combined impact will reshape businesses.

In this session, discover how organisations will gain competitive advantage by using business process platforms to adapt to a shifting marketplace.

Access the Future Today: Quantum Computing

Quantum computing takes advantage of the laws of quantum mechanics found in nature, representing a fundamental change from classical information processing. IBM has enabled more than 100,000 people around the globe to access quantum computers for learning, research, and tackling new problems. We believe it’s just a matter of time until we start using these devices to solve certain problems better than we can today.

Join Dario Gil and Anna Phan for a fireside chat about quantum computing and the roadmap for mainstream adoption of this exciting emerging technology.

Customer Experience Transformation - Design with Intent

Customer expectations of a brand are shaped by previous points of contact, with the best experience forming the benchmark for future interactions. Advancements in technology such as AI and robotics are driving changes in every industry and raising the bar on those expectations. Customers are demanding elegant self-service; yet with greater levels of personalisation, immediacy and intimacy in those experiences with your brand.

How is your business evolving in your approach to attract and retain customers? How do you scale the approach across multiple touch points and channels? How does AI assist in meeting that bar without compromising experience? Where do you get started?

Join us at this session to learn how you can transform customer experience within your business and design with intent.

A Supply Chain that can Sense, Think and Respond

Business friction and disruptions such as natural disasters, supplier failures and weather incidents significantly affect the continuity and profitability of supply chains.

In this session, we will discuss current supply chain trends and what the future looks like. We will also explore how disruptive technologies like IoT, AI and Blockchain can be used to increase situational awareness and reduce friction in your trading relationships. That way, you too can confidently act to manage friction and mitigate disruptions.

Multicloud by Design - Accelerating the Cloud Enterprise Journey

Cloud is integral to most businesses’ digital transformation strategy - yet less than 20% of business workloads have moved to the cloud.* Enterprises are struggling to modernise apps, workloads and overcome persistent tech and data silos reinforced by vendor lock-in.

An agile enterprise accommodates changing business requirements at speed. It embraces tech and data from more sources to enable innovation. This provides better operational control and application performance, while optimising your investments across hybrid, multi-cloud environments.

Join this session for an immersive and interactive session to discover the right cloud foundation to run your cloud model and how you can successfully tailor the journey to cloud for your enterprise.

New Collar Skills in Building a ‘Tomorrow-Ready’ Workforce

The rapid innovation we see today has improved and changed our lives dramatically - and we are just getting started. Change is accelerating at a rapid pace, which is driving a "new-collar" workforce. Come and engage in a thought-provoking discussion about the changing nature of work and approaches for addressing the capabilities needed to tackle the challenges of today and unlock the opportunities to build a workforce of tomorrow.

Ethics of AI

The surge in AI adoption has been met with excitement, amazement and for some, fear. Some influential voices have worried about AI’s potential to be misused or abused, to introduce intended or unintended bias into decision making, to violate personal privacy, or to eliminate jobs.

The rise of artificial intelligence is directly related to the phenomenon of data. Within this growing body of digital data lies the potential to defeat cancer, reverse climate change, manage the complexities of the global economy, and improve access to critical services for under-served populations.  However, should fears of AI take root – culturally, politically, economically – it could be difficult to realise this enormous promise.

Join this discussion about the technology and ethical decisions all organisations must address today to ensure business success in the future.

Adopting a Human-Centred Approach to AI Design

Join IBM’s Arthur Proestakis, IBM Cloud Architect, to explore the value of applying human-centred design principles when establishing AI as a function in your organisation. Take a journey through the process of building a MVP and learn from leaders who have already climbed the ladder to AI.

How to Change the World with Blockchain

Learn how organisations are using blockchain for the common good. Our session includes The University of Newcastle, who are building a learning credential network empowering lifelong learning and Plastic Bank, who are promoting the removal and recycling of ocean plastic and empowering the poorest in developing nations to grow into recycling entrepreneurs.

Crisis Response: Leveraging the Cybersecurity Ecosystem

The current standard for cybersecurity crisis response training has its shortcomings. If you want to prepare for a security breach, unpracticed crisis response manuals aren’t enough. Cyber responders - from Cyber Incident Response Teams (CIRTs) to Security Operation centres (SOCs) - from C-suites to boardrooms, require a whole-of-business response to act with confidence in dynamic, business do-or-die situations.

The cyber threat environment is driving this change, where incidents happen at machine speed and activity on social media may be the first indication of a looming storm to propel an organisation into action. Organisations need to prepare for a "worst day". This session provides actionable crisis response information that can be put into practice now.

Cyber Resilience: Preparing for the Inevitable in a Hybrid IT World

This session focuses on an inside-out view on the evolution and business consumption of new IT models including Hybrid IT models and IoT. It also examines principles of business resilience, applied specifically to the cyber world and the range of threats posed by Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and attacks on critical infrastructure.

Join this session to explore key principles of data protection in a hybrid IT world, using key technologies including Air gapping, immutability and orchestration to provide a defence in the inevitable event of a cyber-attack.

Soul Machines Making Digital, AI and Machine Experiences, Human Experiences

The future of customer experience will be based on highly personalised customer interactions and the delivery of specialised knowledge. AI provides the platform and Soul Machines provides the user experience with lifelike Digital Humans that are autonomously animated and continuously learning in real-time. Hear how innovative companies are already using their first digital employees to create the future of their customers' experience.

Unstructured Data Will Save the World (and Your Business)

It’s time to leverage your unstructured data. Come on a journey with IBM’s John McGrath as he explains the 'Stop the Traffik' solution that empowered Financial Analysts to identify instances of human trafficking. Through their story, discover the new sources of data available to you, how to holistically capture and utilise your data, gain support for new initiatives, and bring a project to life.

Transformational Conversational Commerce

Over 100 billion messages are sent every day on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. 13 million texts (SMS) are sent every minute and voice assisted search is predicted to account for over 50% of all searches by 2020. So why aren’t more businesses empowering consumers to engage with them via channels they use every day?

In this session Rob LoCascio, LivePerson Founder and CEO will help business leaders reimagine their go-to-market models by embracing conversation commerce through asynchronous communication, AI and automation to transform the lives of both consumers and contact centre employees. Rob will share insights gleaned from working with some of the biggest global brands, including Qantas, AMEX, T-Mobile, The Home Depot and Citibank. Rob will also describe how these businesses are evolving based on consumer needs and preferences to meet demand of having a deeper relationship - a conversational relationship - with their customers.

Journey to Cloud: Migrate Those Sensitive Workloads Without Losing Sleep

As businesses evolve in today’s dynamic world, there is mounting pressure to expand with fewer resources, improve security measures and increase agility to adapt to changing markets. Most look to migrate and modernise workloads to the cloud, but many struggle on the journey to get there. In particular, enterprises that are in highly regulated industries have even greater concerns maintaining security and compliance for their sensitive data without a long, arduous process. Join us for a conversation about how forward-looking companies are integrating IBM Cloud solutions based on IBM LinuxONE. Discover the best IT fabric solutions to solve the problems of privacy, security and workload isolation for your journey to cloud.