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Preventing the Spread of Invasive Species Using AI

Discover how Murdoch University are helping protect Australia's biosecurity, using PowerAI Vision technology to support scientists in identifying invasive species, even when distinguishing features may not be visible to the human eye.

Improving Cancer Treatment with AI and Genomics

Hear how Max Kelsen is advancing genomic cancer treatment in Australia and predicting the efficacy of new immunotherapy drugs on individual patients using IBM PowerAI.

Fostering Transactional Efficiencies and Brand Loyalty with a Digitised Supply Chain

Hear how BOC Australia digitised their supply chain using IBM Watson to focus on customer experience and brand loyalty, while decreasing bottlenecks and improving administrative efficiency.

Creating Tailored Wellness Programs with Paola, an AI-Powered Health Coach

Discover how the University of South Australia helped volunteers improve their diet and increase their physical fitness with a 12-week tailored wellness program driven by an AI health coach named Paola. 

Australian Start Up Pivots from B2C to B2B Language Translation with IBM Cloud

In 2017, Lingmo International launched its AI-powered language translation ear-piece and watch to the consumer market. The Australian technology start-up has since pivoted its focus, setting its sights on enterprise-grade language translation solutions. Learn how building its core solution on IBM Cloud using IBM Watson Services enabled this Australian start up to rapidly transform to stay ahead of the market with multilingual Live Chat and Virtual Assistant software.

Extending Middleware to the Cloud with IBM Services

Hear how Worksafe Victoria are utilising containiseration and IBM Services to support their organisational transformation, proactively preventing workplace injuries instead of reacting to insurance and regulatory events.

Transforming Brand Loyalty at Fisher & Paykel by Empowering Sales and Service

Learn how Fisher & Paykel transformed brand loyalty and continue to meet the growing expectations of their customers by empowering employees with the help of Bluewolf and Salesforce.

Addressing Data Explosion with IBM Spectrum Scale

With a need to manage historical data and keep up with the increasing volumes generated by research and academia, hear how the University of Auckland have addressed data explosion to efficiently support their future growth.

Digital Humans - What's the BIG Deal and How Are They Helping Companies Scale?

Have you ever wanted to know more about Digital Humans? Together, Boston Consulting Group and FaceMe have embarked on a journey to explore the most compelling technologies in the digital transformation space. They are training their Digital Human, Miku, to help their consultants with critical project tasks and using this project to understand Digital Human technology. Come and hear one of the world’s leading consulting groups talk about why Digital Humans are a game-changing technology; how they can help enterprise gain an edge of efficiency; and their potential to radically improve customer experience, including lessons around deployment and management of Digital Human services.

Red Hat OpenShift 4: Enterprise Kubernetes Redefined For Hybrid Cloud

Red Hat is acknowledged as a pioneer in containers and Kubernetes. Hybrid and multi-cloud computing is the future of enterprise IT, and Kubernetes is the bridge for seamlessly connecting workloads between on-premise datacenters and public cloud footprints. With the announcement of the upcoming release of Red Hat OpenShift 4, next-generation capabilities will enable a consistent, self-managing enterprise Kubernetes platform that spans the hybrid cloud.

Discover why Developer and Infra/Ops teams are relying on Red Hat OpenShift for a security-focused, consistent foundation to deliver applications anywhere. Hear about how DevSecOps teams will benefit from some of the exciting new features in Red Hat OpenShift 4 – as well as key customer success cases.

Creating Equitable Outcomes in Family Law Using AI

Learn how Carrington Associates and the Federal Court of Australia are helping to ensure equitable division of assets following relationship breakdowns using IBM Watson.

Automating Online Claims System with IBM Watson

Discover how Suncorp has integrated IBM Watson into their online claims system to help simplify the claims process and deliver enhanced customer experiences.

Understanding the Life-Long Impact of Burn Injury with IBM Watson

Learn how Fiona Wood Foundation are exploring linkages between burn injury and cancer with IBM Watson to help researchers understand the biological mechanisms of cancer.

Reducing Home Loan Uncertainty with IBM Digital Acceptance

BOQ's Lending Transformation focuses on optimising their core systems and weaving intelligent digital solutions through their home loan process to reduce uncertainty for customers. Each initiative is designed to move closer to an invisible lending process where the Bank can reduce the time and effort a customer needs to contribute. IBM Digital Acceptance is a key component of this strategy, allowing customers to receive and sign their home loan documents when and where they choose. This session discusses BOQ's desired future lending process and how Digital Acceptance was fast tracked to deliver value to customers and the Bank.

IoT for Buildings: a Digital Nervous System for the Physical Environment

The human brain continuously processes inputs from our nervous system in order to react intelligently to changes in the environment around us. This talk will illustrate, using "simple examples", how we can use IoT, work management and machine learning to achieve similar intelligent responsiveness in the way our buildings are operated and maintained.

Financial Services: Unify the Experience, Unlock Loyalty

Relationships and roles are complicated. For decades, financial institutions have struggled to bridge relationships across both the personal and professional financial needs of their customers. In this session financial services trailblazers will share insights and live demonstrations on how they are unlocking the full power of their consumer and commercial lines of business to unify the experience and drive unprecedented customer loyalty.

Innovation Needs Iteration...and a Human-Centred Approach

Everything we do in the world of work serves people, so why do most organisations overlook people when adopting technology? By focusing on people and their jobs to be done organisations can deliver great work experiences and succeed. Discover how you can help your organisation unlock productivity with a human-centred approach.

Digitising the Workforce Experience

Many organisations are transforming their workforce experiences. Technology innovations such as cognitive collaboration, workplace sensing and analytics are enabling workplace transformation and automation. Providing real-time visibility of space availability and metrics on workplace utilisation will enable new experiences. This session will explore these innovations, the new and future experiences.

Fuel Your Digital Transformation with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

Cloud computing has become fundamental to enabling digital transformation to fuel customer success. Customers can benefit from IBM Cloud for VMware solutions which enable scalability, enhanced security, productivity, cost optimisation and more. These benefits are enabling organisations to better tap into technologies such as artificial intelligence, edge computing and Internet of Things. Join us and start your digital transformation journey with IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions.

Powering the Digital Business of the Future with Box and IBM Watson

Digital transformation isn't optional. It starts with the lifeblood of every business: information. Box helps you unlock the value inside all your content by fueling collaboration, optimising your IT stack and leveraging leading-edge AI like Watson. Join us at Think Summit to learn how Box and IBM fuels digital transformation.