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Hybrid Cloud

Drive value to business with hybrid cloud.

The next generation of hybrid cloud speeds business transformation by enabling you to build and run with consistency across cloud, on-premise and edge environments.

Discover how the IBM hybrid cloud architecture, built on a foundation of Red Hat OpenShift, enables an agile organisation that is secure to the core, is fuelled by data, guided by AI and built for change.

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Breakout sessions

Open, secure and future-ready: hybrid cloud with IBM and Red Hat

Businesses are realising the importance of having a future-ready organisation - one that is scalable, agile and most importantly, secure. As an imperative they need to decentralise IT operations, identify how businesses can leverage intelligent automation and scale the value of their data. This session shares IBM's approach to building a true hybrid platform for our clients and providing a path to achieving 2.5x the value of traditional, mono-cloud approaches. IBM has invested in bringing together Cloud Paks, Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Enterprise Linux to help clients automate with scale, modernise with ease and predict outcomes, securely and with agility - the tenants of a truly future-ready business.


Dev Mookerjee
Chief Technology Officer, Red Hat Synergy,
IBM Asia Pacific

Improving lives post-retirement: how Mercer provides confidence to families for their ageing care and living needs

Years of underfunding, neglect and misaligned focus within the Aged Care sector has led to a significant issue in the quality of outcomes, accessibility, understanding and confidence for our elders and their families. This has been front and centre in the media, the industry and families around Australia, heightened by the interim report published by the government's current Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. This has sadly been further exacerbated by COVID-19, which disproportionately affected the elderly and aged care homes. In 2019, Mercer recognised this systemic problem and set about to provide solutions to help improve the lives of Australians in post retirement. In this session, we will discuss the challenges faced, and the innovative approach Mercer and IBM took to create a portal aimed at providing confidence, guidance and support for families and ageing relatives.


Will Burkitt
Care & Living with Mercer | Leader,
Partner, Mercer

Alastair Prior
Client Executive,
IBM Australia and New Zealand

Data & AI

Modernise your data estate, making it AI and multicloud ready.

We’ll show you how to build, train and deploy AI models at scale based on open technologies. You’ll see how to operationalise your AI-driven insights and business processes with trust and transparency.

Visit the Data & AI campus and discover how to successfully scale AI throughout your organisation through quick introduction videos and guidance on how to get started.

Breakout sessions

Building a modernised data platform for AI-based outcomes

A walkthrough of the architecture components needed for a modernised enterprise data platform. This session will represent key capabilities organisations now look for in delivering advanced AI outcomes. It will also combine the latest IBM technologies in context with our vision of a "Journey to AI".


Kieran Hagan
IBM Data, AI and Automation Technical Sales Manager,
IBM Australia and New Zealand

Accelerate data and AI transformation - introduction to DataOps

IBM is defining DataOps which is an emerging practice and set of capabilities that focuses on orchestrating people, processes, and technology to deliver trusted, business-ready data to data consumers, operations, applications and AI fast. In this “Introduction to DataOps” session, we will share DataOps best practices, methodology and how DataOps is helping DevOps and MLOps in condensing data pipelines.


Kristian Smythe
Segment Leader, Hybrid Data Management,
IBM Australia and New Zealand


Recover and grow with open and integrated cybersecurity.

In a landscape of increased threats and uncertainty you need a unified, holistic approach to your organisation’s security strategy.

In the Cybersecurity campus, we'll show you how to enable open, seamless, secure access and manage threats and compliance across your hybrid multicloud.

Join us to learn more and to connect with experts to discuss your needs further.

Breakout sessions

Delivering digital trust in the modern era

Traditional approaches to security are ineffective in today’s world of hybrid multicloud and the remote (mostly working from home) workforce with apps, data and users being everywhere. These modern era complexities introduce many challenges for security professionals, such as not being able to get a single, enterprise-wide view of data and identity risks, not being able to correlate data accessed from privileged accounts to the real identity, and having no way to adapt security decisions based on situational context.

Attend this session, to hear Chris outline ways to leverage Digital Trust to provide smarter security where some use case scenarios will be highlighted. Specifically, Chris will discuss 'how' you can enable the right users, under the right conditions, to have the right access to the right data in the modern era of security.


Chris Hockings
CTO, Security and IBM Master Inventor,
IBM Australia and New Zealand

How open security can make threat management more efficient

Security professionals are faced with too much data, too many tools and alerts, and not enough resources. As applications move to the cloud, data becomes more of a shared resource, and infrastructure becomes increasingly diverse across hybrid, multicloud environments, making traditional security no longer as effective.

In this session, Holly will discuss how with IBM Cloud Pak for Security you can bring together teams, tools and data with a unified platform that gives analysts a one user experience across threat management. It also connects to existing security tools and data sources, without requiring data migration, to increase visibility across hybrid, multicloud environments.


Holly Wright
QRadar Flows Product Owner,
IBM Australia and New Zealand

Digital Transformation

Ready to re-invent and improve your business?

Discover how you can make your mark through digital transformation at our Digital Transformation campus.

Learn ways to establish intelligent workflows, build market-making platforms, design enterprise experiences for your staff and customers, and how IBM Garage can kick-start your transformation journey.

Breakout sessions

Bringing speed and trust to your financial agreements

Lygon is a digital market operator helping companies create financial agreements more quickly and securely. Through its innovative online platform, Lygon greatly reduces the time taken to issue digital instruments, creates 24/7 visibility around their statuses and safeguards them against fraud and loss. This unique solution allows companies to manage their financial agreements in a more affordable, effective and secure manner. Find more information about how Lygon is transforming the financial agreements at


Justin Amos
CEO and Managing Director,

Rodolf Salem
Chief Operating Officer,

Managing complexity in hybrid multicloud

Operating in a multicloud environment is a reality for most enterprise functions today, though too often it happens in silos. Whether it’s human resources recruiting candidates, manufacturing tracking shipments or marketing enticing customers, business units often circumvent their own IT departments to directly access services on the cloud. Instead of ignoring or attempting to stifle organisational forays onto multiple clouds, IT needs to get better at facilitating, orchestrating and optimising enterprise multicloud footing. Enterprises that assemble harmonised multicloud platforms can now position themselves for greater competitive advantage and lower costs. But it won’t be easy. Here, we provide a field guide outlining challenges, benefits and a clear path to successful multicloud management using IBM's Multicloud Management Platform.


Prakhar Srivastava
Hybrid Cloud Practice Leader,
IBM Australia and New Zealand

Innovation in Action

Advances in technology have little impact if they aren't applied to real-world challenges.

Visit the Innovation in Action campus to be inspired by how the IBM community are continuing to make a difference via the transformative use of technology.

Breakout sessions

Building the next government digital strategy: people, technology and policy

During 2020 Australian Government agencies were faced with unprecedented demand for citizen services and need to rebuild productivity and trade.

By putting the citizen at the centre, the government is looking to deliver simple, helpful and transparent services, with interconnected processes that can be replicated across government. government.

Join Scott Cass-Dunbar, Chief Strategy Officer, Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) as he shares the innovative approach the DTA, with IBM's partnership, is supporting Australian Federal Government as they drive accelerated transformation of essential citizen services and support economic improvement, to shape Australia's future success. The DTA has examined key points in a person's life where access to the right, interconnected services can play a key role, particularly in terms of how people interact with government services. Scott will discuss the balance required across people, technology, process and policy to make a real impact.


Scott Cass-Dunbar
Chief Strategy and Investment Officer,
Digital Transformation Agency (DTA)

Using AI to amplify community equity

Ethical AI can be leveraged to amplify community equity with culturally appropriate approaches. In this session, join Matt Ensor, Business Director, Advisory Services at Beca and Ross Farrelly, Data Science & AI leader at IBM Australia and New Zealand, as they discuss Beca’s recent work using IBM Watson Assistant to develop a multilingual chatbot which gives a voice to sectors of the community which often struggle to be heard in the government decision making process.


Ross Farrelly, PHD
Segment Leader, Data and AI Applications,
IBM Australia and New Zealand

Matt Ensor
Business Director in Advisory Services,


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