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IBM Global Financing

More than just financing

IBM Global Financing's comprehensive portfolio of services have made it one of the world's leading provider of multi-vendor IT financing for almost 25 years. Today, it has more than $31 billion in assets, operations across more than 40 countries and an extensive client list that includes multinational corporations, small and medium sized companies, governments and public service organisations.

Financing Offerings in UAE

IBM Global Financing offers competitive financing options on hardware, software and services acquisitions.

When you choose IBM Financing, you will get:

  • highly competitive rates and flexible payment terms
  • instalment payment plans for IBM and non-IBM hardware, software and most services
  • predictable costs
  • periodic promotions such as payment holidays
  • unmatched IT and industry-specific expertise
  • possible asset recovery services, including PC buyback

Learn about Financing

More for your money
Financing your IT - rather than buying it - has always delivered many business benefits. In the on demand environment, where success depends on being agile enough to adapt to changing customers' needs and market fluctuations, flexible financing promises so much more.

Financing may give you considerable competitive advantages, as you can move ahead with projects immediately, bringing the best available technology into the company without having to wait. You can have much greater flexibility to scale your systems up or down to match the actual needs of the business, creating a more responsive, dynamic organisation.

More affordable
All of your hardware, software and services should become more affordable. You can avoid large upfront payments and increase your buying power with payment plans designed to suit your business, spread over the lifetime of a project.

More manageable
Your IT can become more manageable, as you can simplify your IT budgets by bringing your entire IT into a single invoice and track each piece of equipment or software package throughout its entire lifetime with your company.

More flexible
Customers tell us that in the on demand culture, they must be more responsive, more adaptable with variable cost structures, more resilient to external challenges and more focused on their core competencies. IGF's offerings can answer all these needs, releasing finance so companies can adapt quickly to market changes, offering flexible payment plans to reflect the business benefits as they begin to come through, freeing up a company's capital so they can invest in their core business focus areas.

As one of the world's leading providers of IT financing, we offer competitive rates, backed by what we believe to be an unrivalled knowledge of the information technology market. Our expertise means we can help you manage your IT assets from the day they come into the company, to the day they go - enabling you to concentrate on your core business strengths.

For more information please contact

Shahid Naqvi
Financial Analyst
Phone : 00971 4 3907242
Mobile : 00971 50 3498066

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