2011 events

IBM Day - Lebanon

To ensure we continue building a smarter planet, IBM is holding a conference in Beirut to communicate key initiatives and solutions, and provide a platform for forward-thinking leaders in the region to explore and discuss the best practices.
Join fellow CIO's, IT Directors and Business decision makers in Levant, where you can learn about how the world is getting smarter, and how your organization could be a part of it.
All you have to do is register by clicking the link below:

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IBM Systems Director

The key value of IBM Systems Director is its ability to work in diverse IT environments. It dramatically
reduces the number of management tools and interfaces; simplifying the way in which IT administrators
perform their tasks, and freeing up their time to meet changing business requirements.
Join us and witness yourself!

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MENA Nuclear Construction Conference

The Middle East Nuclear Construction Market has boomed in the last 12 months with over $350 Billion USD of nuclear new build projects announced this year! This makes 2011 the most important year to secure your place in this multi-$billion market!



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Saudi Arabia CIO Summit

With the recovery from the economic crisis already beginning to take shape IDC’s Saudi Arabia CIO Summit 2011 will focus on a pressing theme: the 'Winning Strategies of Empowered CIOs'. In challenging times it takes sharp minds, wits, and creativity to rejuvenate organizations, so this event will examine the strategies that enable CIOs to go that extra mile during periods of uncertainty.


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Next Generation Hybrid Computing

New Enterprise computing from IBM is the first proof point of Smarter Computing, which is designed for data, tuned for the task and managed in the cloud. This system allows companies of all sizes to modernize and extend their existing assets to create a more flexible, responsive and efficient data center. This ultimately leads to reduced costs and an increased ability to support changing business needs.

Join us as we illustrate how you can address your pain points by optimizing your infrastructure to deliver real ROI, through consolidation, reduction in software licensing costs and true cross OS Hybrid computing with the most powerful and efficient enterprise computing platform available!

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IBM Smarter Storage Roadshow

Secure your chance to join like-minded IT professionals and other promintent members of the business community for the IBM Smarter Storage Roadshow, and learn more about following topics:


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Smarter Virtualization

IBM invites you to discover how a smarter infrastructure can lead to improved business agility. Learn how companies are transforming their IT architecture through virtualization to reduce cost and simplify deployment.

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Add POWER To Your DataCenter. Migrate to IBM POWER Systems.

Today, IT is being measured on its ability to manage costs, rapid growth and risk management. For your business to remain competitive within its market, it is key that the IT system being utilised has the capability to provide not only real-time insight and responsive service delivery, but also remain as cost effective as possible.
More and more businesses are re-relying on their IT strategies to ensure their IT infrastructure, options and life cycle support deliver on this promise, and IBM’s Power System Solution, with its history of consistent roadmap delivery, technological innovation, and investment protection can be a valuable asset and partner in helping you bring this to your business.
Join us at our Power Systems Event and discover how other businesses are making the switch to IBM systems, and how IBM’s experts can help you select a proven roadmap to migrate to a platform that’s right for your business.

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IMPACT 2011 Comes to you

More and more, business are asking IT to lead change; the kind of change that adds flexibility and optimizes for growth. This is your opportunity to take the lead. Join us at Impact 2011 in Oryx Rotana Hotel in Doha and learn how to transform your organization from within, using the latest technology to redefine business agility, improve processes and streamline operations.

Attend this executive event and hear how:


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Information Integration & Governance Forum 2011

Please join us for the Information Integration & Governance Forum 2011 coming to Dubai and Riyadh and see how you can make information work for your business rather than overwhelm it. You'll learn how to:


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IBM Smarter Computing Conference 2011

The world around us is changing. With each day that passes, dramatic shifts are happening to reveal new frontiers as our planet becomes smarter. These shifts are fundamentally changing the way things work, especially in our cities. From traffic and water systems to banking, trading and manufacturing, every aspect of life is benefitting from the instrumentation, interconnection and infusion of intelligence into the systems of the world.

Smarter thinking in IT and new insights into technology are creating breakthroughs unlike anything we have ever seen, and the opportunities for innovation have never been greater.
So join us at our "Smarter Computing" Conference, June 8th 2011 at the Four Seasons Hotel Amman, Jordan, and discover how IBM can help you on your Smarter Computing journey.

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HIMSS Middle East Conference 2011

The HIMSS Health IT Management Conference focuses on the practical challenges for HIT management professionals in the integration of deployment of HIT. Session subjects include wireless care delivery, and using standards to achieve real organizational interoperability.
Come and visit us on stand 112.

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IBM Software Day 2011

Smarter Business means running business intelligently. It is the ability to make quick, confident decisions that drive productivity and profitability based upon accurate, up-to-date information.
Being smart in business means integrating existing business assets with intelligent and interconnected technologies, and being the first to reach customers with emerging technologies that provide a competitive advantage.
IBM cordially invites you to join and discover how smarter software through key capabilities can help transform business information into insight, connect and collaborate, increase business agility, drive enterprise operational effectiveness and efficiency, and deliver innovative products and services.

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IBM Discovery Days 2011

The IBM Discovery Days Series discusses smarter IT by creating integrated, automated and transformed systems for improved economics. Leading organizations are focusing their attention on the most critical areas for innovative IT – data, systems, and services. See how IBM is helping these clients systematically transform their IT in order to dramatically increase efficiency.

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Business Partner Executive Conference MENA 2011

The IBM annual Business Partner Executive Conference MENA is just around the corner. It's your unique opportunity in 2011 to share best practices for delivering innovation and value to clients, and transforming your businesses for growth and profitability.

Avail this chance to join a unique business ecosystem that is shaping a new interconnected and instrumented smarter planet.

Register Now!

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Systems optimized for your workloads

As your company grows and as new regulations add pressure on your data center, you may find yourself forced to add more and more server capacity—often escalating the systems management burden and increasing power consumption. With IBM System x® and BladeCenter® virtualization solutions, new workloads do not have to mean new servers. Enhanced with IBM X-Architecture® innovation, these x86 servers offer flexible configurations equipped with enhanced memory, high-speed I/O and industry-leading availability and reliability features—a combination designed to help reduce operating costs, simplify management and keep your virtualized infrastructure up and running.

At the same time manage your information more intelligently with storage solutions from IBM. With data growing at 40% or more per year, companies can’t address challenges in a traditional way and technologies such as: virtualization; thin provisioning; de-duplication; compression and automated tiering; are required. Let IBM show you how our storage efficiency solutions not only improve productivity, but at the same time reduce costs.

Come and see for yourself how IBM can help you meet your business needs with increased server utilization, reduced system management complexity, lower power and cooling costs, reduced demand for data center floor space and lower IT total cost of ownership.

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Social Business Roadshow

Being able to connect with the right people and build the right relationships to expand your business network can create strategic advantage for you and your company. Being able to "see" more information, data, patterns and trends, makes this collaboration even more useful. Today, a business that relies on these highly interconnected networks, inside and outside of their traditional organization, stands out. We call this Social Business.

Lotusphere Comes to You 2011 builds on the best, and brings even more. You'll CONNECT not only with future technologies and strategies, but with everything you know and love about the Lotusphere conference! Let IBM help you put the social in your business.

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IBM POWER Systems Roadshow

We live on a planet where data is exploding at an annual compound rate of 57% and nearly 6 terabytes of information are being exchanged over the Internet every second. Ironically, the average server in the average business runs at only 10% utilization. Scratch the surface and you’ll find that there are only two kinds of systems, those that can adapt to the needs of a smarter planet, and those that can’t.

A new kind of system performance is needed to respond to today's business challenges. Performance that provides breakthrough agility to capitalize on new opportunities; performance that provides a foundation for growth while managing business risk; performance that helps companies do more with less. Power Systems helps businesses meet these new performance challenges. Power Systems based on POWER7® processor technology help companies deliver new services faster, deliver higher qualities of service, and deliver services with superior economics.

Join us at an IBM POWER Systems roadshow in a city near you and learn more about how IBM Smarter Systems can help you power your business.

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IBM Seminar- Data Centers Build the Business

As the heart of business operations, data centers must be ready for the future. Whether you need to upgrade an existing IT facility or design and build a new one, careful planning and execution are key to minimizing risks and costs. Join the IBM Seminar to learn how to effectively plan your data center and optimize flexibility, availability and energy efficiency while reducing capital and operational costs.

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Consolidation & IT-Optimization for Everyone - The IBM Enterprise Linux Server

IBM invites you to learn about the winning combination of IBM Enterprise Linux Server (ELS) technology and Linux. Get all the insights how ELS will make your IT life easier and how we can help understand the potential and how to achieve the savings.

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Smarter Banking for a Smarter Planet

With the ever changing face of banking, it is important that the technology we use is capable of meeting the tasks. In fact, now that we need to start banking smarter, it’s also time to start using smarter banking technologies and services.

By applying unprecedented computing power to perform advanced analytics using systems such as stream computing and deep computing visualization, we can gain valuable insight and intelligence that can be actioned to our advantage. That technology is already in play across other industries but regardless of business sector, this capture of information only leads to one thing – better decision making.

To gain a further understanding of how smarter banking works and, more importantly, how smarter banking can work for you, IBM is holding a conference on the subject. On the 8th of March 2011 we will be in Beirut to host delegates from Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. Not only will there be keynote speeches from leading industry figures, but we will also be demonstrating how IBM has focused intelligent solutions to make your business better.

If you would like to attend, please use the link below to complete the online registration form.

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XIV Solutions Day

The IBM XIV® Storage System is a next-generation high-end open disk storage system. An integral part of IBM’s broad spectrum of system storage offerings, the XIV system has an innovative grid architecture designed to deliver the highest levels of reliability, performance, scalability and functionality at low overall cost, while eliminating complexity and providing unprecedented ease of management. Designed for exceptionally low Total Cost of Ownership, the XIV system aims to tackle almost every aspect related to owning, operating and maintaining a storage system, including backup and restore, acquisition, environmentals, administration and downtime cost factors.

Dates and Locations:


Smarter Virtualization Event

Today, there’s more to virtualization than turning physical servers into virtual ones.

IBM and GBM along with Intel and Microsoft invite you to discover how a smarter infrastructure can lead to improved business agility. Learn how companies are transforming their IT architectures through virtualization to reduce cost and simplify deployment.

Join us for an upcoming live event:


Register today in a city near you!

Date & Locations:
24th of January , 2011 , La Cigale Hotel , Doha , Qatar
1st of February , 2011, JW Mariotte Hotel , Kuwait City, Kuwait

Registration links:


The key goals of this extensive PMDC Roadshow is to increase awareness around Data Center solutions and ultimately attract new opportunities, plus re-engage with existing customers from all industry segments. Server and Storage engagements are strongly linked to Datacenter topics, so this significant investment will enable IBM to leverage joint opportunities with STG and SWG , plus increase collaboration in cross-SPL opportunities internally.
Dates and Locations:
9th of Jan , 2011 , Al Faisaliyah Hotel , Riyadh
12th of Jan, 2011, Hilton Jeddah Hotel , Jeddah


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