Identity analytics
Proactively identify and mitigate access risks across users, entitlements and applications
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Gain a holistic view of IAM risks

When your organization adds new employees, contractors or remote workers, you must provide access so they can perform assigned tasks. This isn’t static, as entitlements can change over time, from hire through separation.

The identity analytics capability in IBM Security® Verify provides the ability to govern appropriately, from provisioning to deprovisioning, and manage creep. You can also for identity lifecycle risks to generate actionable intelligence.

IBM Security Verify product family

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Key features
Highlight anomalies Discover suspicious outliers within your organization, such as deviations in user entitlement, with Verify analytics. Dig deeper into violations details and accumulated AI-powered risk scores. Analyze user entitlements

Get decision support Weigh the calculated confidence scores to make informed decisions. Take remediation actions suggested by Verify, such as recertifying access or removing an entitlement. Make informed decisions
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