Puntos destacados de la característica

Forecast the impact of changes

Perform real-time impact analysis of maintenance and scheduling changes in an intuitive GANTT view, and apply changes in 1-click. Predict job durations up to seconds and identify workload trends.

Accelerate business automation

Easily apply automation to your business processes with a rich set of out-of-the box adaptors. From file transfers to most common ERP to Hadoop complex processes, avoid manual scripting.

No ponga en riesgo su negocio

Controle la información del plan de cargas de trabajo con un panel de control personalizable que combina la actividad de cargas de trabajo con indicadores de estabilidad del entorno. Obtenga mayor nivel de detalle de los datos para reaccionar al momento.

The power of 9

The latest version of IBM Workload Automation offers new capabilities to plan, orchestrate, and optimize batch and real-time processes. Explore SAP integration enhancements: http://ibm.biz/wasaas-new

Ready to use integrations

Map Big Data and any business or IT process using application adaptors and templates, to accelerate the deployment of automated processes.

Automatización autoservicio

Ejecute y supervise procesos on demand, también desde móviles y tablets.

Intelligent automation

Exploit Industry leader planning and choregraphy service from a central point of control. User interface tied to beginners and experts, for any scheduling practice your need to rule your business.

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