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What are content management solutions ?

Content management solutions intelligently collect, govern, manage and enrich enterprise content so it can be deployed efficiently and securely across any cloud and within any application.

Why do applications need content?

Digital transformation often starts with a modern content services platform. With secure access to, and control over, a wide range of content including documents, images and audio files, employees can be more productive anytime, anywhere, and organizations can deliver a better customer experience.

Making your content accessible

An enterprise content management system gives users efficient access to what they need across the organization. It makes content accessible across multiple channels such as mobile devices and desktops, and as discrete capabilities embedded in workflows or applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Benefits Accelerate approvals

Improve customer experience by accelerating customer approvals, reducing case management times and more.

Boost productivity

Automate time-consuming manual document classification and error-prone metadata entry.

Access your content from anywhere

Search, access, share and manage content from many applications and devices across the enterprise with flexible deployment options.

Mitigate risk

Consistently apply unified content governance processes across repositories and file shares from a single, comprehensive and scalable solution.

Speed innovation

Use low-code tools to rapidly create secure, content-centric containerized applications that can be deployed on any cloud. 

Manage and share content securely

Save your employees’ time and improve customer experiences with IBM® FileNet® Content Manager — a flexible, full-featured content management solution that also provides the foundation for IBM Cloud Pak® for Business Automation. Learn how you can use it as the external collaboration solution for any business application running on cloud.

Solve your enterprise content challenges through automation

Content services are a key capability of IBM Cloud Pak® for Business Automation. You’ll find:

  • AI-powered capabilities, a common UI, and low-code tools
  • Task automation, workflow orchestration, decision management and more
  • Modular and easy-to-consume pricing approach, so you only pay for what you need

IBM FileNet Content Manager

IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation

IBM Enterprise Records

IBM Content Collector

Related Capabilities

Data capture

Collect, automate, classify and extract data from content.


Orchestrate workflows across all content services and assets.

Content Manager on Demand

Capture outbound statements and correspondence and take advantage of powerful archive, search and retrieval options.

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IBM FileNet Content Manager

Use AI to deliver deep insights from unstructured content with this flexible, full-featured content management solution.

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