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IBM is changing how businesses build, collaborate, analyze, and engage. At the heart of this transformation are MD&I professionals.

IBM Market Development & Insights (MD&I) supports IBM by uncovering the true state of the market and sharing actionable insights with IBM leaders. Our MD&I professionals are located around the world, and provide a trusted, objective view of the market and its impact on IBM, empowering IBMers to drive actions that grow the business. This is particularly important in this new era as IBM is reshaping industries with our expertise in hybrid cloud, artificial intelligence and cognitive enterprise.

Michelle Peluso

Market Development & Insights professionals at IBM are world-class. They are passionate, curious, and dogged -- they present an unbiased view of the world we live in and the clients we serve while using their experience and insights to help the organization continually reimagine what's possible.

Michelle Peluso
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

We look for individuals with outstanding skills in the following areas:

Problem Solving

Do you like to figure out how to make things better?


Are you well spoken and able to organize your thoughts into a compelling story that drives people to act?


Can you inspire others to action, build a team, and make things happen?

Relationship Building

Do you work well with business leaders and colleagues, taking a collaborative approach?

Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis

Do you like to look beyond the facts to their deeper meaning and implications?

How MD&I helps shape IBM

Our thought leadership has informed new product and service offerings.

Our insights have helped to shape the IBM Marketing strategy, including advertising, understanding our brand health and client centricity.

Our discerning points of view assist IBM's senior leadership in key decisions around market expansion, competitive positioning, and industry transformation.

Our analyses have been instrumental in vetting key IBM acquisitions.

Hallmarks of the MD&I Team

  • Trusted Advisors — We work with business leaders on meaningful projects that impact the business.
  • Collaboration — We are a close network of smart people who are always willing to help each other out.
  • Flexibility — We adapt as needed to deliver the right outcomes.
  • Diversity — We focus on creating an open and welcoming environment, allowing us to attract and retain valuable talent.

MD&I invests in our people. You choose your path, and we help you get there. We provide leadership opportunities, programs and resources to learn, and broad exposure to other parts of IBM so you can cultivate your skills and achieve success.

2021 MD&I Internship

Market Development & Insights Analyst (2021 Intern)

Thank you for your interest in this role, however, we have met our 2021 objectives for this job.

Market Development & Insights Associate Advisor (2021 Intern)

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Senior Market Development & Insights Data Scientist (2021 Intern)

Thank you for your interest in this role, however, we have met our 2021 objectives for this job.