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Extreme Blue at IBM is not your average internship program.

Imagine having the opportunity to unleash your technical ingenuity and business acumen in the professional world—with the support, expertise and backing of one of the world’s leading technology companies.

Embracing diversity and inclusion as a source of innovation, creativity, and a competitive advantage, we look for the best and brightest candidates who can collaborate with teams that possess unique skills and diverse backgrounds.

The Extreme Blue Experience


Work within a diverse team of technical and business students, and cross pollinate ideas with other Extreme Blue teams in our lab.


Present your work throughout the program and at our final Expo Event to key IBM leaders that are experts in their field. Work with experts to patent IP from your projects.


Work in a fast paced environment where you have the freedom to explore unorthodox solutions and take ownership of your work.


Learn. Excel. Innovate.

Learn the skills and build a solid network in order to become a leader within IBM.

What We're Looking For

  • Experience with cutting edge industry technologies (cloud systems, machine learning frameworks, UI design frameworks, etc)
  • Experience with modern programming languages (java, python, js etc)
  • Experience working in an Agile environment
  • Demonstrated ability to work on business situations in a highly dynamic, technology-based environment
  • Ability to navigate and problem solve on key business or client needs with a clear understanding of what is most critical for the success of the company
  • Experience developing new products and working within a software development cycle
  • Experience leading and working with diverse teams
  • Effective communication skills across a range of audiences
  • Ability to drive your project forward and take ownership of work

Facts and Figures


weeks program duration

You will spend 12 rigorous weeks working in a fast-paced team environment. The time will fly by as you work on your projects, learn new skills, and access cutting-edge technology.


countries worldwide

Extreme Blue is currently present in 10 countries globally including: Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Netherlands, Romania, UK, and USA.


applicants per year

We interview thousands of students globally and register a passing rate of 2% to find the cream of the crop.


years of program excellence

Established in 1999, we have a proven track record of finding excellent talent and producing great products.


patents filed by our students annually

Students get the opportunity to work with experts in IBM to create intellectual property.


projects hosted annually

We run over 50 projects worldwide that focus on IBM’s most cutting-edge technologies.

People's Choice Award

In 2020, our Extreme Blue intern team was invited to NYC for the Call-for-Code finalist session and then invited to attend the Call-for-Code session at the United Nations headquarters! The platform the team created was featured and highlighted in the IBM Corporate Social Responsibility Report for 2019. Their solutions are being leveraged to provide relief for those coping with COVID-19. IBM is now using the solution that Extreme Blue interns built, and putting it to work for COVID-19 relief. Along with making a huge impact on the world.

Extreme Blue Projects

Space Tech: Improving agriculture with satellite swarms [USA]

IAM Legends: Automating IAM policy configurations [USA]

SmartDeliveries: Predictive optimization of transport routes [France]

Hyperfacture: IoT and blockchain for better manufacturing [Germany]

EzBc: Simplifying blockchain adoption in Java [Canada]

PACE: Developing more accessible technologies [UK]

Space tech is creating space technologies with a mindset of hackers and makers, innovating from Edge Computing in Space, to Supply Chain Optimization for Space Assets, to Autonomous Cognitive Framework for CubeSat Swarms, to growing challenges of Space Debris and Collision Avoidance, to Geo-Spatial Analysis with Satellite Imagery, to exploring Quantum Computing for opening new realms of possibilities for the New Space Age. This project focused on a framework for a software defined satellite swarm, or a group of satellites designated to work towards a common goal. The framework is designed to allow a swarm to collect large amounts of data from the Earth, process it, and retransmit it back down to a central collection point. It also allows for flexible swarm creation and data transmission, controlling the actions of each satellite using advanced reinforcement learning, in order to optimize data collection and transmission rates. Though the swarm has thousands of potential use cases, this project focused on a precision agriculture-based application built on IOT sensors that collect farming data in order to display the viability of the product.

IAM Legends is a project automatically simplify IAM Policy configurations, whose complexity is an industry-wide challenge. IAM policy configurations, which manage access to resources on IBM Cloud accounts, can become bloated as a company’s size increases. This carries performance and usability costs for the customer. To address this issue, IAM Legend is a solution that utilizes a novel algorithm to intelligently simplify policy configurations, as well as a way to intuitively monitor the health of such configurations. This project has patent pending for this unique algorithm.

A team of four students from the top engineering schools in France prototyped a delivery round optimization system that leverage the city traffic data and predictive models to optimize vehicle rounds for transporters in the city of Lyon. The intent was to make trucks avoid congested areas, so as to deliver their goods faster, but also to contribute to reduce congestion and pollution at the city scale level. Upon delivery of the prototype, the city, industry partners, research labs and partnering transporters leveraged the study to let IBM join a $12 million, 3-year research project to materialize the prototype into a public service for the city.

SME manufacturing companies hold an important role in the EU economy, but face a number of problems including delayed payment, lack of customer awareness of capabilities, variability of utilization levels, and international competition. On the flip side, fledgling entrepreneurs often require a manufacturer but have no prior experience and thus don’t know which companies would be good fits, and want to be able to manufacture flexibly, but many manufacturing companies require large batch orders. Hyperfacture’s solution combines IoT and blockchain technology to create a platform that directly connects creators and manufacturers without need for a broker by enabling trust and transparency between unfamiliar parties, providing real time tracking of production and high levels of automation, and connects machines to a global manufacturing market.

Adapting legacy Java applications to the blockchain is the biggest barrier to blockchain adoption for enterprise customers. To accelerate blockchain adoption and improve the efficiency of blockchain application development, the EzBc project explored solutions and techniques to "make it easy-peasy" for developers.

Pace is a charity that supports children and young adults who have sensory motor disorders. Daily tasks that some would consider basic can be a struggle. Our Extreme Blue team are helping design a solution for their user who is a 0-18 y/o child with a range of neuromuscular and cognitive disabilities. The user needs a system of switches to interact with objects in their daily life and current systems of assistive technologies are costly, complex, and un-customisable.

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