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Frequently asked questions

Where are Extreme Blue labs located?

There are Extreme Blue labs in many countries around the world. More information about our locations is on our Apply page.

When is the Extreme Blue program held?

United States: Late May - August
Canada: May - August
China: July - September
Europe: July - September
India: May - July
Each program runs approximately 10-12 weeks and varies by location.

What is the Extreme Blue recruiting process?

The recruiting process varies for each geography. Find out more at our How to apply page.

What are the hiring criteria?

If you have advanced computer science and/or business skills, experience and passion for technology, the Extreme Blue program is designed for you. Hiring criteria vary by region. Find out more at our How to apply page.

What are some skill areas I can work on to make myself more competitive?

While industry experience proves to be the best way to sharpen your software development skills, we've compiled a list of resources to assist with key areas that many Extreme Blue projects hit on.

Visit our Roadmap for more information.

How can I apply?

Find out more at our How to apply page.

Will I get a response back if I submit my application online?

Please know all applications submitted for U.S. and Canadian candidacy are screened individually. Due to the high volume of applicants, we're unable to respond to every individual directly. The Extreme Blue internship is an extremely competitive program and requires that you meet the minimum qualifications noted on this site in order to be considered.

Does Extreme Blue accept foreign nationals?

For the U.S. locations, we accept students attending U.S. colleges and universities. Opportunities for foreign nationals are limited. Consideration requires an advanced degree in a critical skill area with a minimum of one-year relevant work experience following the undergraduate degree. If you're interested in opportunities in your home country, please visit, and select your home country.

For the Canadian location, we accept students attending Canadian universities. Opportunities are limited to Canadian citizens or those with Landed Immigrant/Canadian Permanent Resident Status.

In Europe, employment laws vary by country. In general, we accept students who have a work visa for the country to which they are applying. This includes citizens and students studying in that particular country. Only the United Kingdom is able to consider foreign nationals not studying in the country, but please be aware these opportunities are extremely limited.

At present, the India location does not accept foreign nationals.

What is IBM's employment policy?

IBM's intent is to hire the best-qualified candidate for job opportunities within IBM, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, and military status. However, applicant eligibility for employment-authorized immigration status, temporary or permanent, may be a factor in IBM's pre-employment decision process and any visa sponsorship is at the sole discretion of IBM management. IBM is committed to creating a diverse environment and proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

What is the role of the MBA on the team?

Extreme Blue projects are like mini-startups within IBM. They begin as emerging technologies or new business opportunities, and in addition to unsolved technical challenges, they typically present a lot of business unknowns as well. That is where the MBA intern comes in. Who is the potential customer for this project? What are our competitors doing in this space? What is the potential size of this market if IBM chooses to enter it?

Throughout the summer, while the technical interns are working to solve the technical challenges of the project, the MBA is working alongside them to answer these equally important business questions. And at the end of the summer, the team's final presentation will highlight both the business and technical value of what the team has accomplished.

What will happen to my project after the summer?

Extreme Blue projects come from many different places in the IBM product lifecycle. For some project sponsors, Extreme Blue is a chance to experiment with technology that is still well over the horizon, to get a first look at what a new solution might look like. For other sponsors, Extreme Blue is an opportunity to bring an innovative solution to market much more quickly than is possible via normal means.

So depending on the project and the goals of the sponsors, your project may find its way into a new product release within the next 12 months -- or it may serve as a proof-of-concept for a future offering. Either way, Extreme Blue technical innovations frequently make their way into IBM's patent portfolio -- with the interns' names on the patents! Not bad for a summer internship, eh?

What resources will be available to assist us with our project?

A critical success factor for any Extreme Blue project is its mentors. Each project sponsor provides a team of business and technical mentors, who provide all of the initial information necessary to get the team started. Once the team is moving at full speed, the mentors are still there to answer questions, and to act as the primary project stakeholders.

Along with the mentors, Extreme Blue teams also have all 400,000+ IBMers to call on for help as needed. Extreme Blue is a high-profile program within IBM, and IBMers typically jump at the chance to answer questions and provide help to Extreme Blue interns. Bottom line: the project is owned and completed by your intern team, but you'll never be alone.

What is a typical Extreme Blue work-week like?

A lot of hard work! The bulk of the team's time is taken up by its primary deliverables: a working technical solution from the technical interns, and a business plan from the MBA. In addition, each team is responsible for putting together a 4-minute presentation about their project, highlighting both the business and technical innovation & value of the project. These presentations will be delivered weekly to a range of visiting IBM executives and technical leaders. Think of it as an ongoing summer-long startup challenge, with technical achievement and business acumen equally crucial to your team's success.

What hours will I work?

In general, the hours are flexible, but the work can be intense at times, as the teams strive to complete their project by the end of the summer. Individual teams decide together on their hours and schedule, but all students must work a minimum of 40 hours per week.

Will I work on more than one project?

Each project will be extremely challenging, so we expect interns to focus on a single project during the program. Given the laboratory environment, you will be exposed to all projects and are expected to lend assistance when it is required or where you are uniquely qualified. You will also have personal access to all of the senior engineering team serving as project mentors.

What will I get from the Extreme Blue program?

In a nutshell, you will get challenging work experience on ambitious projects exercising your skills on in a great work environment. The Extreme Blue program will give you the opportunity to interact with both senior engineers, executives, and other exceptional students from across the country, access to scientists and business leaders as part of the ongoing lecture series, and a competitive compensation package.

How do I contact Extreme Blue recruiters and staff if I have further questions or comments?

Send us e-mail at:

What student oriented activities is IBM sponsoring this year?

Please reference the Student Portal Web site to find out about student-oriented activities.

How can I obtain additional information about other employment opportunities at IBM?

IBM is looking for smart people. Many other career opportunities exist at IBM. See for yourself.

Increasing my chances of getting a full-time offer from IBM after my internship

What can I do to increase my chances of getting a full-time offer from IBM after my internship?

To increase your chances of finding a full-time position at IBM, you should leverage all the networking opportunities that you are presented with; identify and communicate areas of interest; be open to all the varied opportunities; and perform well during the program.