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Of course, there are limited places, competition is tough. Extremely tough. But don’t let that put you off. Every year people who aren’t sure that they’ve got what it takes, discover that they do. This year that could be you. Of course there are some basic requirements – you’ll need to go to the relevant country site to find out what these are as they differ depending on where you want to work. But no matter which country you apply to we’ll be looking for people who want it. Really want it. And you’ll be willing to go that bit further to show us you have what it takes. Flexible and ready for the challenge, you’ll always take the initiative.

Energy, creativity, drive, passion and vision. You’ll need it all. In the extreme.

Learn more about our two US locations

  • Austin, Texas

    Austin, located right in the heart of Texas Hill Country, consistently ranks as one of the most desirable places to live offering a unique combination of a thriving technology driven economy, entertainment, and recreational options. Visitors to Austin have a tendency to stay and include such celebrities as Sandra Bullock.

    Dynamic economy
    Austin is the home of numerous high fliers in the area of chip development and fabrication, multimedia, entertainment, computer systems, and the Internet. The other major industry in Austin is government, as it is the capital of Texas. Feeding talent and ideas into this economy is the University of Texas at Austin which has an annual enrollment of 49,000 students from around the world.

    Lifestyle, Entertainment, Recreation
    Largely known for being the "Live Music Capitol of the World," from the popular PBS series "Austin City Limits," Austin sports an ever thriving arts and entertainment scene.

    Austin has been the home of the legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Ely, Willie Nelson, and more recently Marcia Ball and Lucinda Williams. Every evening you will find a diverse selection (rock, dance, jazz, country, and everything in between) of options on the legendary Austin Sixth Street culminating in one of the premiere annual music, multimedia, and film festivals in the country, South by Southwest.

    Austin also has a bevy of art galleries, museums, and live theater.

  • Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

    In 1959, the Research Triangle Park was established by a group of North Carolina government, education, and business leaders. The goal was to bring economic focus to a region that included three of the most highly rated universities in the United States: Duke University (Durham), North Carolina State University (Raleigh) and the University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill).

    Today, the Research Triangle Park area is the largest research park in the United States, and is recognized internationally as a center for cutting-edge research and development. The Park today has been a major force in making the Triangle area what USA Today has called the most successful local economy in America over the past 25 years.

    IBM's Triangle area location is one of the world's largest and most influential technology centers. Here, nearly 8,000 full-time IBM employees develop, assemble, support and refine products and services that enable seamless, global information sharing. Major IBM units with presence in RTP include IBM Cloud, IBM Watson, IBM Analytics, and IBM Systems. IBM's Triangle area products are found in every industry in virtually every country in the world.

    Crossroads of talent & technology
    Cutting-edge technology and sheer volume of business intersect at our Triangle area facility to create the perfect career environment for highly educated, dedicated employees. The Triangle area has the largest concentration of Ph.D.s, scientists, and engineers of any U.S. top metropolitan location. More than 50 percent of our employees are involved in the development, refinement, and manufacture of computer hardware and software solutions. They also work in support areas such as human resources, customer support and services, contract services, procurement, finance, and community relations.

    Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill are the home of many attractions - music, museums, historic sites, festivals, celebrations, and much more! It is where high-tech meets Southern hospitality, short commutes, affordable prices, and the beautiful outdoors.

Ready to start something BIG?

In “starting something BIG” during the Extreme Blue™ experience, we look for candidates with advanced skills, experience and passion for business and technology.

IBM is looking for the best and brightest

This is a short program with extremely challenging projects, so all teams are expected to hit the ground running.

Technical candidate qualifications

  • Minimum of three months software development experience—Java™, Javascript, C++/C#, C, Python, or significant web-application development—in a commercial, research or open source setting.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 (3.75 on a 5 point scale)
  • Ability to turn ideas into reality working closely with others in teams

Desired Skills:

  • Cognitive computing (NLP, Machine Learning)
  • Mobile development experience
  • Big Data analytics experience
  • Blockchain experience
  • Experience with cloud technologies
  • Active contribution to professional communities (i.e. Open Source, IEEE, ACM, NSBE, SHPE, AISES, SWE, UPE, HKN, etc.)

Visit our skills roadmap for more information about these and other core technologies.

MBA candidate qualifications

  • Demonstrated ability to work business issues in a highly dynamic, technology based environment
  • History of personal initiatives for exploring technology, illustrated by a clear understanding of Information Technology business trends
  • Participation in a new product development initiative
  • Significant contribution in a team based environment, both as a team player and a leader
  • Demonstrated creativity

The Extreme Blue internship program is focused on retaining our interns following graduation; therefore, priority is given to candidates who are within 12 months of their graduation date.