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The average yearly increase in deal
size for solution providers using
embedded analytics

revenue increase. Organizations using IBM Embedded Analytics saw a 15% year-over-year growth in revenue

The approximate return generated
by every dollar invested in analytics

4 steps to embedding on IBM Cloud

Make your database work harder with Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

Embed Db2 Warehouse on Cloud, a hybrid database optimized for transactional or data warehouse workloads. You can opt for new container-based configurations and deploy them to software-defined environments such as private cloud, as well as a fully managed cloud solution.

BPM Northwest uses Db2 Warehouse on Cloud and IBM Cloud to help customers extract lightning-fast insights from their data.

Explore the foundations of data and analytics including transactional databases, data warehouses, Hadoop and NoSQL.

Next generation data warehousing, built for analytics on the cloud or locally.

Analyze data in minutes with Watson Analytics

Our smart data discovery service is available on the cloud and guides exploration, automates predictive analytics, and enables effortless dashboard infographic creation.

DecisionEd improves school performance with data-driven insights from IBM Embedded Analytics.

Read how marketers are using social media analytics.

See how embedding analytics into your solutions can significantly boost your revenue streams.

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