4 steps to embedding with IBM Cloud


Partner with IBM to win the future and grow your business using our technology.


Develop with our AI, IoT, data, and mobile services.


Get $750 of free IBM Cloud credits for new embed users.


Expand your business with personalized benefits, tech support, and flexible pricing.

Why embed with IBM Cloud?

Bring all the parts of your solution together with exclusive access to industry leading IBM Cloud APIs. Create new apps, migrate existing ones (on/off-prem), and utilize 130+ services like AI, Blockchain or IoT.


Start embedding with free code, tools, tutorials, and communities.

How to

Make your apps smarter. Add AI to your apps with Watson APIs.

How to

Visit our Github page for IBM Cloud sample apps and tutorials.

Get started

Jumpstart your development with IBM Cloud and double your HDD, RAM, and bandwidth for free.

Blockchain with IBM

Embed with IBM Blockchain Platform to deliver greater value, accelerate new business models, and create new blockchain apps that are trusted, enterprise-ready, and scalable—all in record time.


Understand blockchain fundamentals and learn how to apply it to your business.

Case study

Reimagine how to manage digital identities with blockchain.  Learn from IBM and SecureKey's new approach in the banking industry.  

How to

Get instructions and code to create an example blockchain network, using open-source tools.

Get started

Create your first blockchain network and start coding applications.

Containers with IBM

Get the best of open-source technologies like Docker and Kubernetes, and enable faster development, app isolation, deployment consistency, and enterprise-ready orchestration.

Learn more

Learn how to speed digital transformation and move your app to production at enterprise scale with microservices and containers.

How to

Learn how to manage Java microservices traffic using Istio, the open technology collaboration between IBM, Google, and Lyft.

How to

Java developers can use the Spring Boot framework to deploy a microservices example app on a Kubernetes cluster.

Get started

Learn how to manage highly available apps inside Docker containers and Kubernets clusters on the IBM Cloud.

API Connect with IBM

Embed a comprehensive API management system into your solution to create, run, manage, and secure your APIs across mobile, IoT and web applications.


Map your journey to profitability by taking part in the API economy.

Case study

See how Inomera Research utilized APIs to help their clients monetize their data.

How to

Learn how to create a hybrid cloud deployment using APIs.

Get started

See use cases, learn about the technology, start developing, and get the code.


Improves advertising through data

“DataXu processes 25B digital touch points per day making 3M decisions per second with IBM Cloud.”

—Bill Simmons, Co-Founder and CTO, DataXu


Transforms the mobile wallet space with secure transactions

“We strike the perfect balance between security, usability, and costs—and it wouldn’t be possible without IBM’s technology and expertise.”

—Ziv Cohen, CEO, Paygilant

Guiding Eyes for the Blind

Using IBM Cloud & AI to discover the secrets behind successful guide dogs

“By collecting information about our dogs, we can dig into the data to pull out meaningful insights about health, behavior, temperament and more.”

—Thomas Panek, President and CEO, Guiding Eyes for the Blind


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