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Future of EDI: An IBM point of view The strategic role of APIs with EDI
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The future is EDI and APIs

Your electronic data interchange (EDI) solution can be the foundation of your enterprise integration strategy — if you choose the right one. According to analysts, over 66% of all supply chain transactions are supported by EDI software solutions, so it’s crucial to choose a solution that is reliable, scalable, and extensible to meet all your integration platform challenges. IBM’s software and solutions support all major EDI standards and include the leading transformation capabilities to enable seamless, any-to-any transformation.  

With IBM, you can extend EDI integration capabilities with APIs to meet emerging partner mandates, real-time transaction processing needs, and more. IBM can help align with your IT infrastructure strategy supporting workloads both on-premise or in a hybrid-cloud environment with the added flexibility, to subscribe to as-a-service networks.

Benefits of EDI 99% Reliable transaction processing

reduction in lost productivity, freeing up IT staff and keeping the business moving. By reducing the impact of unplanned outages on employees, organizations are losing less productive employee time.¹

41% Faster partner onboarding

less time to onboard new trading partners and accelerate time to value, enabling full engagement 1.5 weeks earlier. You can scale your B2B activities to match the speed of your business.²

30% Higher customer satisfaction

improvement in average customer satisfaction ratings from upstream and downstream partners — with faster resolutions helping drive customer retention and revenues.²

Solutions Connectivity, scalability, and insights

Automate and streamline your supply chain processes and partner collaboration on a single, cloud-based platform. Support peak volumes with high availability and AI-powered data insights that help detect anomalies.

Transaction management

Rely on a user-friendly web portal that automates manual B2B transactions, like purchase orders — helping you save time and money by reducing errors, cutting costs, and improving customer satisfaction with non-EDI suppliers, distributors, customers, and other trading partners.


Simplify and automate your electronic trade, order processing and invoicing processes to meet tax regulations for multiple countries through a single business network. Support buyer and supplier compliance in a single solution.

B2B integration

Merge all your complex B2B and EDI processes across partner communities in a single gateway. EDI transactions support data integration to help you better secure network and data, consolidate costs, provide certified container support and deliver high availability for operations.

Global mailbox

Address the need for high-availability operations and redundancy with an EDI system that includes robust and reliable data storage across geographically distributed locations. Add active-active communications resilience and disaster recovery in near real-time.

Any-to-any data transformation

Integrate industry-based customer, supplier, and business partner transactions across your enterprise. Key features enable you to automate complex transformation and validation of data between a range of different formats and standards.

Case studies Expediting B2B trade at Formica Group

Learn how Formica boosted their B2B transaction volumes by nearly 40%.

Achieving high availability consistently at CEVA Logistics

90% faster scaling of EDI capacity enables CEVA to meet seasonal peaks in demand.

By standardizing their work using EDI, Li & Fung is processing a peak of 1.5 million transactions an hour.

Reshaping supply chain processes at Saint-Gobain

Using EDI technology, Saint-Gobain saved 92% costs per line order.

Using AI capabilities, Anheuser-Busch gives their users end-to-end visibility into their transaction lifecycles.

Resources What is EDI?: An in-depth guide

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EDI blogs

IBM experts share practical tips and insights gained from their experiences across multiple industries. They’ve “seen it all” and can tell you what to expect down the road.

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The strategic role of APIs with EDI

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