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We meet you where you are, leveraging your existing IT investments to help you transform faster. IBM Services can help you:

  • Design and build virtualized environments to secure an agile infrastructure
  • Develop a multicloud strategy roadmap encompassing security, resiliency and management needs
  • Migrate workloads across private, public and multiclouds using predefined client demand profiles and capability patterns

IBM Services has helped clients optimize their IT to achieve:

75% saw increased scalability


75% saw increased scalability

72% saw improved business agility

Business agility

72% saw improved
business agility

Up to 25% faster migration to cloud

Faster migration

Up to 25% faster 
migration to cloud

Up to 20% reduction in overall IT costs

Cost reduction

Up to 20% reduction
in overall IT costs

Isbank + IBM Services: Moving to Cloud with Resilience

Elevated data center performance — building a bridge to a resilient future.

Working with IBM® Services™, Turkey’s Isbank migrated its servers, applications and operational data to a Tier 4 data center in nine months without disrupting banking services. The new data center helps ensure banking services are available to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and prepares Turkey’s Isbank for migration to cloud computing.

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