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How can you simplify IT management in a complex, hybrid multicloud environment?

Enterprises that have deployed multicloud management are 67% more profitable. IBM Services can help you:

  • Increase time to value for innovation
  • Simplify through streamlined management of IT environments
  • Integrate and manage across platforms and providers
  • Increase security, compliance and resilience of your IT environment
  • Differentiate by leveraging AI & data

IBM Services has helped clients simplify IT management to achieve:



Adopters of multicloud management are twice as efficient



69% of adopters cited increased profitability

Cost reduction

Cost reduction

66% reduced costs

User satisfaction

User satisfaction

62% improved user experience

Liquid Power simplifies their IT environment through IBM Services for Cloud Management

LSPI migrated its SAP® ERP applications from on-premises to IBM Cloud for SAP Applications, delivering speed, agility and scalability.

“Running a SAP system takes a lot of effort and people, and I didn’t want to worry about that.…Ultimately, it would cost us more to acquire the knowledge than I can lease…through IBM.”

Darren Wyatt, CFO, Liquid Power

IBM Services is Liquid Power’s trusted partner for cloud managed services.

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