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In an agile environment, there is a significant need to move critical levels of testing to earlier in the development lifecycle. With IBM Z Virtual Test Platform, your developers and testers can now move application Integration Testing left and include it as part of an automated and continuous testing process, resulting in earlier detection of defects. The platform combines the benefits of shift left and continuous testing, enabling your organization to achieve the full potential of DevOps.


Shift left testing

Move application Integration Testing to earlier in the programming lifecycle.

Test Automation

Automate the testing process to enable an agile CI/CD pipeline.

Regression testing

Automate regression testing after compiler upgrades, ABO implementation and SCM tool migrations.

Key features of IBM Z Virtual Test Platform

  • Shift left application Integration Testing
  • Execute your test without the need for original middleware
  • Rebuild confidently after copybook changes
  • Regression testing
  • Automate and enable continuous testing
  • Full stubbing

How customers use it

Watch the demo

Suman Gopinath, the architect for the Testing portfolio at the IBM Z DevOps Organization, gives you a close-up look at how Z Virtual Test Platform helps in shifting left transaction testing to much earlier in the development cycle, allowing you to test before deployment.

Watch the demo (06:39)