What IBM Z Batch Resiliency can do for your business

IBM® Z® Batch Resiliency delivers high-value management of batch applications by leveraging analytics and automated processes, reducing dependency on domain experts and time-consuming resources. This operational resiliency feature reduces business risk by providing immediate insight (and full reporting) into mainframe data inter-dependencies and vulnerabilities when problems are identified.

Data usage pattern analysis and a comprehensive inventory of curated information enables quick, automated recovery of mainframe batch data. IBM Z Batch Resiliency provides support for all available scheduling, tape management, and backup methodologies.


Minimize impact of data corruption

Address your business risks by recovering data from any corruption down to a granular level. Point-In-Time recovery capability to non-database systems ensures near continuous data protection.

Generate comprehensive reporting

Get real-time visibility into jobs that are executing and open datasets that may be at risk, while real-time comprehensive inventory of data sets and backups enables faster, panel-driven recovery.

Gain insight into your data

Resiliency and audit gap reports increases your understanding of application interdependencies and recovery points.

Key features of IBM Z Batch Resiliency

  • Near real-time insights into data usage and recoverability
  • Fast and automated recoverability
  • Deeper insights into your data
  • Comprehensive reporting portfolio
  • Continuously capture data set activity