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What IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks Can Do

Bring enterprise data services to container environments with a flexible software-defined storage solution for hybrid cloud. IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks is based on members of the IBM Spectrum Storage family as well as open source offerings from Red Hat designed to simplify the deployment of IBM Cloud Paks while enabling a faster, more reliable way to modernize and move to the cloud.


IBM Certified

Fully tested with Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Cloud Pak solutions to provide enterprise data services to business critical container environments.

Simplified approach

Delivers a simplified, standardized and trusted approach for the deployment, use and management of persistent storage for your OpenShift containerized private cloud environment.

Monitor and maintain

Helps you monitor and manage applications while providing resource consumption reports.

Ideal for private cloud deployments

The essential private cloud service fabric for building and managing on-premises, containerized applications with persistent storage.

Flexible IBM and Open Source Software

Maximize your data resources with IBM Cloud Object Storage, Spectrum Virtualize, Spectrum Scale and Spectrum Discover plus Red Hat's open source Ceph Storage and OpenShift Container Storage.

Data services for Red Hat OpenShift

The essential private cloud storage software foundation for building and managing on-premises, containerized applications with persistent storage and data services.

Key features of IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks

Software defined storage for Red Hat OpenShift

IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks allows you to build any Red Hat OpenShift container environment with a complete software-defined storage infrastructure foundation. Choose the data resources you need when you need them.

Choose the data resources you need now

Refactoring applications needs flexibility. Choose file, block or object storage for your container data services. Deploy open source software from Red Hat Ceph Storage or OpenShift Container Storage or award-winning IBM software like IBM Spectrum Discover, IBM Spectrum Scale, IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud or IBM Cloud Object Storage. Add IBM FlashSystem, ESS or DS8900F for a flexible solution designed to fit all of your container needs. As your needs change simply deploy new data resources.

Build new applications

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IBM Storage Suite for Cloud Paks helps enterprises transform and move to the cloud by enabling them to build new applications using modern processes and by modernizing legacy applications as a competitive advantage.

Simple scalable deployments

As expected with hybrid cloud deployments, IBM Storage Suite for Cloud Paks are specifically packaged to grow, shrink and redeploy depending on the application or workloads needs. This way organizations can simply deploy data resources, scaling up or down without impact to their business.

Optimize cloud deployments

Containerized environments can be complex. The volume of resources and components needed can be daunting. IBM Storage Suite for Cloud Paks along with IBM Cloud Pak solutions add valuable tools and enhancements to speed up hybrid cloud deployments. Each IBM Cloud Pak™ includes containerized IBM middleware on top of a common integration layer — designed to reduce development time by up to 84 percent and operational expenses by up to 75 percent.*
*Source: Ovum

Support for unstructured data

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In addition, the IBM Storage Suite for Cloud Paks supports the CSI driver for unstructured data. As containerized environments grow and as more customers move to the cloud, storage must adapt. Data persistence and performance shoot to the top of “container data resource” needs. To stay ahead, IBM supports the CSI open initiative for IBM Spectrum Scale as well as a new containerized IBM Spectrum Scale and an enhanced CSI operator for an easy to deploy self-service way to provision data and provide an optimized parallel data path to high performance storage.

Quickly deploy persistent data resources as data classes

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IBM Storage Suite for Cloud Paks is software defined storage foundation made from open source Red Hat titles and IBM that consolidates storage provisioning and abstracts storage configuration complexities from the applications. Users will now be able to provision persistent storage as a data resource based on classes of storage, predefined to comply with your businesses SLAs.

Speed up container storage provisioning

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Data persistence, scalability and performance shoot to the top of container data services needs. To stay ahead, IBM supports the Container Storage Interface (CSI)open initiative for our block and file offerings: IBM Storage Suite for Cloud Paks, IBM Spectrum Scale, IBM FlashSystem and DS8900F. This translates into a single CSI that works with all Container Orchestrator Systems simplifying management and reducing costs.

Support for IBM Cloud Pak workloads and applications

Designed to simplify IBM Cloud Pak solutions setup with an out-of-the-box storage layer for persistent data, IBM Storage Suite for Cloud Paks is recommended and tested with IBM Cloud Pak solutions and Red Hat OpenShift. The combination provides an open, faster, and more secure way to move core business applications to the cloud.

Delivering infrastructure services easily and efficiently

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IBM Storage Suite for IBM Cloud Paks delivered with IBM Lab Services turns business as usual into business advantage for containers. With big data, analytics and AI, the need for well-designed container environment is more important than ever and IBM Systems Lab Services offers the infrastructure services to help you build the foundation of a smart enterprise that empowers your business.