Virtual servers for on-prem users

IBM has invested in the power of hybrid cloud to help Power Systems users have improved access and modernization.

IBM Power Systems Virtual Server offering is designed as an extension of Power Systems on-premises environments and a frictionless path to hybrid cloud. It provides connectivity to Power Systems in a virtualized environment.

Steps to redeem promo

Redeem your USD 1,500 code

Use cases

Development and test

Pictogram of person monitoring dashboards

Development and test

Use as a testing environment and as a step in deploying production applications in the cloud.

Scaling workloads

Circles in a cylinder representing ability to scale

Scaling workloads

Spin up enterprise-level AIX® , IBM i or Linux® workload with pay go usage for Power infrastructure.

HA, backup and disaster recovery

Arrows surrounding server representing backup and disaster recovery

HA, backup and disaster recovery

Create customer confidence to use as HA, backup and disaster recovery infrastructure for on-prem environment.



Committed use savings plan

Committed use savings plan 1 year up to 30% discount and 3 years up to 45% discount

Lab services support

Designed to accelerate transformation of IT infrastructure to private and hybrid cloud