Protect client endpoints against malware and phishing

IBM Security Trusteer Rapport is an advanced endpoint protection solution designed to protect users from financial malware and phishing attacks. Using industry-leading technology, Trusteer Rapport is designed to defend against MitB attacks, remove malware from endpoint devices and protect customers by preventing them from entering phishing sites. Trusteer Rapport offers a broad security solution that can help your organization reduce costs, enhance your fraud detection and prevention, and help to provide a seamless customer experience.

Seamless customer experience

Your customers will be provided a seamless user experience during their online banking sessions while being protected by industry-leading fraud technology.

Reduce costs

Substantially reduce fraud losses related to malware and phishing attacks, while providing an impressive return on your fraud protection investment.

Fraud detection and prevention

Help protect your customers from financial malware and phishing attacks using industry-leading technology and global threat intelligence.

Phishing and Malware Protection Features

  • Automatic phishing detection and protection
  • Global threat intelligence service
  • Financial malware protection
  • Protection from new phishing tactics
  • Endpoint malware remediation

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