Connecting technicians with mobility and AI

From routine service calls to remote inspections, technicians succeed or fail based on their knowledge. Yet as assets become smarter and more connected, the information needed to maintain and manage them grows. How can fields technicians keep up? With AI and a mobile platform.

IBM Maximo® mobile solutions deliver remote and AI-based expert assistance, real-time asset history and operational data from wearables, safety sensors and diagnostic interfaces to the digital twin. Explore the IBM solutions below and discover how intelligent mobile EAM can keep technicians connected and your organization productive.


IBM Maximo® Mobile

Manage any asset, anytime, any place

Maximo Mobile, built on next-generation mobile technology, is a revolutionary, easy-to-deploy platform that provides technicians the right asset operational data at the right time — all in the palm of their hand. It helps your technicians scale their expertise, improve asset reliability, and streamline your business operations. As part of the IBM Maximo® Application Suite, IBM Maximo Mobile has flexible options and can be deployed on premises or on any cloud environment.

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Screenshots showing various dashboards in Maximo Mobile app

IBM Maximo® Assist

Every technician is your best technician

Augment your asset maintenance program with AI and remote human-based assist to help technicians get on-demand assistance whenever and wherever it’s needed. Maximo Assist is powered by IBM Watson® technology for continuous learning, with recommendations that only improve with use. An AI-infused solution, it helps technicians troubleshoot and repair problems faster and more efficiently to reduce costs, improve uptime, and extend asset life.

Screenshot showing directions for centrifugal pump oil change in Maximo Assist software

Parts Identifier

Spend less time searching for parts

Identifying the right asset parts and components during inspections can be challenging. Choose the wrong one and you face more downtime and higher costs.
IBM Maximo Application Suite AddOns – Parts Identifier is a feature within Maximo Mobile that helps field technicians identify industrial parts within seconds. Snap a picture of the part being inspected and the AI-enabled recognition technology will quickly identify the part along with the documentation, work orders and data needed to get the work done.

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Screenshot showing possible matches of pump part in Parts Identified app

IBM Maximo® Safety

Manage workplace safety and worker health

Put compliance at the center of safety to make it easier to identify and eliminate hazards in the work environment. Maximo Safety also helps you adhere to government and medical guidelines for your workplace. With the combination of advanced analytics and near real-time access to data from various devices, you can holistically manage both the facility and your workers’ health and safety.

Technician using portable device to obtain technical data

IBM Maximo® Visual Inspection Mobile

QA with computer vision

Boost your quality assurance with highly efficient, accurate computer vision on iOS mobile devices. Extend IBM Maximo Visual Inspection and you’ll be able to quickly discover defects in the factory and in the field to reduce downtime and waste. Use object detection and image classification models trained on Maximo Visual Inspection for remote inferencing and management.

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Screenshot showing QA dashboard in Maximo Visual Inspection Mobile software

Case studies

Retail: Samsung

Samsung partnered with IBM to combine Galaxy Watch with IBM Maximo Safety to deliver a safer retail experience for employees and customers.

Healthcare: NHS Highland

NHS Highland uses Maximo Mobile and Maximo Scheduler to enable engineers to maintain and repair healthcare facilities in remote areas.

Field management: Maximo Mobile

Maximo Mobile provides a sophisticated mobile solution to give field technicians all the asset information they need to get their jobs done.

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