IBM Security Resilient for IBM Cloud Pak for Security


Security operations teams need tools that can help them to respond to and remediate complex cyber threats faster and more efficiently.

Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) capabilities in IBM Cloud Pak® for Security use automation and third-party integrations to improve productivity and the effectiveness of deployed technologies.

Key Highlights

Reduce remediation time

Automate manual and repetitive tasks.

Improve security effectiveness

Embed orchestration and automation across the incident response process

Prioritize analyst workload

Guide actions with customized playbooks

Improve speed and efficiency

Reduce remediation time

Prioritize work, automate tasks for more efficiency.

Improve SOC effectiveness

Automate and orchestrate to speed processes.

Streamline management

Simplify using extensive apps and integrations.

Proactively manage response

Adapt nimbly with dynamic playbooks, agile workflows.

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