Announcing IBM Big Replicate 2.14

Feature spotlights

Highly available, highly accurate data

Gain access to the same data everywhere on any distribution. Resynchronize your data automatically in the event of hardware and network outages.

Automatic recovery after an outage

Cloud to on-premises and cloud-to-cloud disaster recovery provides minimal downtime or data loss. On-premises and cloud environments stay continuously in sync as changes are captured wherever they occur.

Protection from cloud vendor over-reliance

Get help ensuring global data resiliency. Eliminate application downtime from the failure of an object storage service by having strong consistent replicas of objects in another cloud or location.

Full data portability

Selectively replicate changes across different environments with consistency and no vendor lock-in.

Unification of Hadoop clusters for data lake consolidation

Big Replicate unifies Hadoop clusters running on Cloudera Data Hub, Hortonworks Data Platform, IBM, Amazon S3 and EMR, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack Swift and Google Cloud Storage. It provides a single virtual namespace across clusters and cloud object storage that are any distance apart.

Lower cost structure

Scale up with virtually no increase in hardware costs with cloud migration. Gain access to the same data everywhere on any distribution.

Customer case study

Deloitte Canada

Deloitte Canada empowered business users with an enterprise data hub for real-time analytics.

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How customers use it

  • Man working on engine

    Automotive: Driving car technology forward


    Automotive manufacturers need to ensure vehicle data moves seamlessly between data centers and the cloud to fulfill the growing demand in the sector for driverless technology and predictive maintenance.


    Big Replicate helps move continuously changing data with minimal downtime and disruption. This allows automobile manufacturers to handle the increasing volumes of data produced by cars and proactively take actions on potential performance issues.

  • Nurse with patient in a hospital room

    Healthcare: How big data is saving lives


    It is difficult for EMR systems to handle the kind of structured and unstructured data produced by multiple medical devices. This means physicians cannot access the latest data about their patients for real-time analysis.


    Big Replicate can help hospitals digitally assemble all data relating to patients in real time, reducing downtime. The ability to quickly analyze massive amounts of clinical data makes it possible to provide care proactively.

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