Diagram of Aspera data migration from on premises to cloud, to private cloud, or to on premises


IBM® Aspera® offers high-speed data transfers using your existing network to migrate large amounts of data.

Pushing the limits of performance and scale

High-speed transfers support BT Sport’s production hub

BT Sport, a group of sports television channels owned by British telecommunications giant BT Group, needed a high-performance and secure solution to enable multi-gigabit transfer speeds to replicate petabytes of media from its main site to a separate disaster recovery facility. Aspera accomplished all of this, enabling BT Sport to transfer content of up to 40TB a day at the highest possible speeds, maximizing bandwidth and ensuring business continuity.

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Image of soccer, or European football, being played to highlight BT Sports usage of Aspera

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Reduce migration windows

Achieve unrivaled migration times when transferring large files and data repositories over global IP networks between on-premises and cloud data centers.

Lower migration costs

Eliminate manual, time-intensive physical shipment efforts as well as two-phased uploads that consume valuable cloud storage and compute resources.

Greatly reduce risks

Leverage Aspera’s end-to-end security, including authentication and encryption in transit and at rest with strong cryptography, data integrity verification and FIPS 140-2 compliance.

Migration solutions help clients succeed

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¹ Across all major cloud providers and regions; additional data centers and regions will be added

² Based on 100 TB transferred from the U.S. to Europe over a 10 Gbps network with .0025% packet loss  

³ Based on 100 TB transferred from the U.S. to Europe over a 10 Gbps network with .0025% packet loss