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Big Fish Games

See how this company enhances customer engagement and loyalty, and reduces churn.

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Rossmann Supermarkety Drogeryjne Polska Sp. z o.o.

Discover how Rossmann Poland can now analyze massive amounts of information and quickly adjust to the needs of its customers.

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Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Read how the hospital is able to analyze thousands of vital sign readings, to support clinical decision-making.

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Learn how IMM can extract insight from data, enabling smarter campaigns that raise click-through and conversion rates.

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Conestoga Wood Specialities

Read how this company used sales data to perform trend analysis and obtain insight into patterns of future demand.

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PPL Corporation

Read how advanced meter data analysis provides the key to understanding customers and saving money.

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Obvion Hypotheken

See how this company deploys a data warehouse platform, enabling predictive analytics to understand and serve customers.

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AOK Niedersachsen

Read how this company implemented a database and BI system that supports planning, reporting, analysis and forecasting.

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Simple is still better

Read how PureData System for Analytics is built for simplicity and speed.

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Toward frictionless Data Discovery: IBM Fluid Query Eases the Way

Explore IBM Fluid Query, and the set of data virtualization functionality it offers through IBM PureData System for Analytics

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IBM PureData System for Analytics

Ready how PureData System for Analytics N3001 is changing the game for data warehouse appliances.

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IBM PureData System for Analytics N3001-001: the Mini Appliance

Read how this solution brings the power and simplicity of Netezza technology to small and midsize organizations.

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Architecting a platform for big data analytics

Learn about the Logical Data Warehouse, and how it is architected to meet the needs of big data analytics.

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IBM PureData System for Analytics

Discover how to unlock data’s true potential with big data and advanced analytics capabilities.

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