IBM Z Operations Analytics key features

Identify unusual workload behaviors

Leverage machine learning to baseline normal system behavior. Analyze anomalies in the context of other operational data.

Locate common issues hidden in operational data

View key operational issues at your fingertips. Receive actionable advice that accelerates problem investigation and resolution.

Reduce time required for root cause analysis

Search, filter and visualize results from log, event and performance data. Use IBM Z Common Data Provider as the single collection point to access your z/OS® operational data in near real-time.

Harness the domain expertise of IBM Z

Use simplified dashboards and quick searches to help diagnose problems in your IT environment. Expert advice gives you access to the cumulative knowledge of IBM Support. Harness your organization’s runbook knowledge and expertise through easy-to-use extension capabilities. Experience more precise diagnostics through integration with IBM OMEGAMON®, the premier performance management solution for IBM Z.

Leverage IBM Z insights on your analytics platform

Leverage IBM best practice insights on multiple analytics platforms including IBM, Splunk® and Elastic Stack®.

IBM Z Operations Analytics and IT operations analytics

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Technical details

Software requirements

For detailed System Requirements, please visit the Software Product Compatibility Reports page.

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Hardware requirements

No hardware requirements associated with this offering.

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