Improve eDiscovery with corporate litigation management

IBM StoredIQ® for Legal provides robust eDiscovery process management from hold notification to identification, preservation and collection. Legal teams can use one interface to manage all data preservation and collection requirements. The solution incorporates automation, analysis and insight throughout the process to help increase efficiency while reducing the complexity, cost and risk associated with eDiscovery events.

Repeatable and defensible process

Maintain an accurate inventory of legal obligations by case. The process includes individuals involved, information scope and whether the duties have been satisfied fully or partially and how.

Notify custodians, track confirmations

Send hold notices, track responses and automate follow-up and escalations to drive compliance. Pre-interview custodians electronically to reduce the scope of data collected and reviewed.

Manage data requests across legal and IT

Align legal and IT on what needs to be preserved or collected, where, and by when. Use customizable forms and fulfillment workflows to facilitate a common and timely view of requirements and status.

Analyze data in place for fast insights

Analyze data in place and take action with insights before collection. Automate legal collections from more than 75 data sources.

Key features

  • Provide a systemic and defensible approach to eDiscovery
  • Quickly and reliably identify people in hold scope
  • Hold notice creation, follow-ups and escalations
  • Align legal and IT for collections requirements and status
  • Analyze data in place, gain insights and take action
  • Easily monitor all discovery across different matters

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