What IBM DS8880 can do for your business

IBM® DS8880 is a family of storage systems that includes the all-flash DS8880F line for those workloads where the speed of access to data is the most important, and hybrid-flash DS8880 configurations to meet performance objectives at the most reasonable cost. The IBM DS8880 Data Systems combine resiliency and intelligent flash to deliver ultra-low latency and more than seven 9’s availability. The IBM DS8880 provides an optimized connection to the new z15™ mainframe for superior performance, transparent hybrid cloud connectivity and secure data transactions.
IBM DS8880 Data Systems

Superior performance

Dramatically accelerate access to data by reducing up to 10x the application response time and cutting the elapsed time of DB2 transaction in half.

Hybrid cloud connection

Improve business efficiency while reducing capital and operating expenses with server-less direct data transfer from DS8880 to hybrid cloud environments.

Secure data transactions

Secure client and corporate data with at rest encryption and a disaster recovery solution with more than seven 9's availability.

Key features

  • Self-tuning
  • High-Performance Flash Enclosure Gen2
  • IBM Z® integration
  • IBM Easy Tier
  • Tier Advisor Tool
  • Dynamic volume relocation
  • Transparent Cloud Tiering
  • Power integration with IBM AIX and i
  • Intelligent control
  • Metro Mirror and Global Mirror
  • Multiple Target Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy (MT-PPRC)
  • Administrative efficiency

Which option is right for you?

  • IBM DS8882F

    Delivers powerful enterprise capabilities in a flexible rack mountable solution at the lowest entry cost.

  • IBM DS8884 or DS8884F

    Enables midrange organizations to meet storage challenges with advanced functionality delivered as a single rack solution.

  • IBM DS8886 or DS8886F

    Enterprise-class storage for large organizations provides cost-effective performance and capacity.

  • IBM DS8888F

    Analytics class: delivers superior performance and high capacity for the most demanding, business-critical workloads.

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