What IBM Aspera Streaming for Video can do for you

IBM® Aspera Streaming for Video can revolutionize the way live and near-live high definition video is reliably delivered. It leverages commodity Internet instead of expensive satellite and dedicated fiber. The software is built on Aspera's unique FASPStream™ technology that is designed to guarantee timely arrival of live video and data – even with increased network round-trip delay and packet loss.

IBM Aspera Streaming for Video software offers easy deployment and centralized administration using existing video infrastructure. It addresses many use cases for live contribution, primary distribution and remote production of live events.

IBM Aspera Streaming for Video

Significant cost savings

Save considerable costs by reducing or fully replacing satellite delivery services with much more affordable terrestrial IP networks.

Extraordinary video quality

Delivers ultra-high resolution live video in near-real time over IP networks with negligible start-up delay/pre-buffering – independent of distance and network conditions.

Seamless workflow integration for cloud

Easily integrates in cloud and hybrid environments, enabling more video on demand and production workflows for transcoding and distribution.

Exceptional bandwidth utilization

Fully uses the available network bandwidth to send and receive broadcast quality video streams – even over challenging networks and little bandwidth.

Secure streaming

Encrypts streaming video in transit and securely authenticates using proven standard public/private key authentication or Aspera's multi-tenant access key system.

Why customers use IBM Aspera Streaming for Video

  • Innovative streaming technology
  • Stream provider and receiver interoperability
  • Reliability and multi-endpoint capability
  • Aspera product interoperability and management
  • High quality video delivery
  • Robust security and authentication

Security and privacy in the cloud

  • IBM enables companies to scale and adapt quickly to changing business needs without compromising security, privacy or risk levels when using IBM cloud offerings.

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