Feature spotlights

High-speed FASP-enabled file transfers

IBM® Aspera® for SharePoint helps organizations take full advantage of SharePoint for knowledge capture, collaboration and document storage of large files and directories. Users can securely share large files, including high-definition video, images and laser scan data over wide area networks. Integrates the Fast, Adaptive, Secure Protocol (FASP®) transfer technology to move files into and out of SharePoint faster and with auditable and predictable results.

Expanded SharePoint capabilties

Allows you to remove limits for 2 GB file sizes and 4 TB content repositories and 20,000 total files. Implement SharePoint for new business applications and digital workflows including large legal digital records, loan documents and packages, marketing assets and video, high resolution satellite imagery, engineering design files, and archived imagery and scanned medical records. Provides greater bandwidth control with present or real-time management.

Transparent integration with SharePoint

This enables FASP uploads and downloads from within the SharePoint document library interface. It uses existing SharePoint document library infrastructures and metadata for organization and search. Administrators can configure and use established SharePoint workflows, user roles and permissions and check-in/check out capabilities. It allows uploaded libraries where they are accessible through a hyperlink. Directory structures inside the SharePoint document library are automatically created.

Separate file storage from SharePoint database locations

Store data on-premises or in the cloud platform of your choice outside of SharePoint content repositories, making it possible to separate file storage from SharePoint database locations. Enables administrators to monitor and track transfers and users. It supports SharePoint check in and check out. Automatic resume in case of interruption means reliable and predictable transfers.

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