Proven storage virtualization

When deploying new storage technologies like Flash, storage-class memory (SCM), NVMe, containers, and hybrid multicloud, it is also important to optimize your data security. The ideal solution will integrate into your current environment, fit within your budget, and modernize your infrastructure.



Embrace new storage capacity so that it is pooled with existing storage, simplifying administration and improving efficiency.


Enhance existing storage and data security with enterprise-class data storage solutions and services. Improve performance by using Easy Tier to move active data to flash.


Extend existing storage into new deployments such as containers or hybrid cloud. Add value to your storage, extending its life and avoiding new investment.

Storage virtualization software solutions

Virtualization for public cloud

Replicate or migrate heterogeneous storage systems between on-premises and your hybrid multicloud infrastructure for consistent data management and disaster recovery strategies, and improved cyber resiliency. Enable cloud-based DevOps with easy replication of data from on-premises sources.

Virtualized SAN storage

Simplify management of storage infrastructure, tiered storage and advanced functions with enterprise-class storage virtualization that helps your organization achieve better data economics by supporting the new large scale workloads that are critical to success.

All flash virtualized storage

Simplify your flash storage with IBM FlashSystem family: high performance, enterprise-class function and availability, and AI-infused ease of use, all extending to heterogeneous storage and the cloud with IBM Spectrum Virtualize. 

Server virtualization solutions

Mainframe server virtualization

Virtualize your entire operation with a mainframe solution and gain up to 100% utilization —with more security, scalability and savings.

Secure and scalable server virtualization

Secure enterprise servers that scale with built in virtualization software that can consolidate multiple workloads onto fewer systems, increasing server utilization and reducing cost.

Storage virtualization case studies

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