What is Watson Text to Speech?

IBM Watson Text to Speech gives your brand a voice, enabling you to improve customer experience and engagement by interacting with users in their own languages using any written text. Increase accessibility for users with different abilities, provide audio options to avoid distracted driving, or automate customer service interactions to increase efficiencies.

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Wondering if Watson Text to Speech is right for your organization? Hear how MRS BPO enhanced customer service in its call center using Watson Text to Speech, Watson Speech to Text and Watson Assistant together. The results? 100% reduction in wait times and a 20% increase in revenue per call.


Powerful real-time speech synthesis

Convert written text to natural-sounding speech using our latest neural speech synthesizing techniques.

Create Custom Voices

Create a uniquely branded voice adapted to a target speaker of your choosing from as little as an hour of recordings. Premium feature only.

Data control

Maintain control and ownership of your data. IBM will not collect, store or use your data without your explicit agreement and opt-in.


In the insurance industry, some of the most important calls come under some of the most stressful circumstances. That’s why CodeObjects is using IBM Watson technology to develop InsurBot.ai, an AI assistant that eliminates call center holds, reduces costs and helps put anxious customers on the road to recovery quickly.

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Lingmo International

Lingmo International offers a range of next-generation translation products and services, including innovative mobile apps and state-of-the-art wearable translation devices. Lingmo International used Watson Speech services to boost translation accuracy by 90-to-95% to deliver a natural-sounding voice response through an app or earpiece to businesses and consumers.

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HansaWorld improves global customer service with Watson by implementing a virtual assistant to help employees and clients interact directly with HansaWorld’s ERP solutions. When a user is connected to the talkbot, the talkbot can reply to the user in natural language using Watson Text to Speech.

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Get started now with Watson Text to Speech

By using our out-of-the-box neural voice technology, we make it easy for developers to create voice-enabled applications that sound natural and engaging.