Push far more data in far less time

The expansive networking capabilities of IBM Cloud® Virtual Servers for VPC deliver fast network speed.

A network orchestration layer eliminates the pod boundary of virtual server instances, creating highly scalable capacity for VS instances. Create multiple virtual private clouds in multizone regions available globally.

How it’s used

Multizone regions

Multizone regions

Expect expansive networking capabilities, including the ability to create multiple virtual private clouds in multizone regions available globally.

Network orchestration

Network orchestration

A network orchestration layer handles the networking for all VS instances that are within an IBM Cloud VPC across regions and zones. Expect more options for VPNs, LBaaS and multi-vNIC instances.



Subnets are contained within a single zone and cannot span multiple zones, which helps improve security, reduce latency and enable high availability.


IBM Cloud Virtual Server for VPC

Purpose-built. Developer-friendly.

Internet access

Choose from three options for access to the internet.

Public gateways

Connect subnets to the public internet.

VPC interconnection

Create single or multiple transit gateways.

Floating IP address

Reserve a floating IP address from the IBM pool.

VPN as-a-service

Employ a security-rich connection to private networks or clouds.

Secured DNS

Get hostname resolution across VPC networks.

Load balancing

Choose from public or private load balancing.

Dedicated direct connectivity

Help secure data and support business continuity.

Build your skills

IBM Cloud VPC advanced networking

Learn to manage network options for one or more instances of IBM Cloud® VPC through this course in the IBM Cloud® Architecture Center.