Store and distribute container images in a fully managed private registry. Push private images to conveniently run them in the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service and other runtime environments. Images are checked for security issues so you can make informed decisions about your deployments.

Multi-tenant. Highly available. Scalable and encrypted.

Threat insights

Advanced capabilities for security compliance insight


Preintegration with Kubernetes Service


Access controls and image signing capabilities

How it’s used

Manage your images

Install the IBM Cloud Container Registry CLI to use the command line to manage your namespaces and Docker images in the IBM Cloud® private registry.

Set up now

Diagram showing how to set up container registry cli and registry namespace

Monitor security of images

View information about potential vulnerabilities and the security of images in the IBM Cloud Container Registry public and private repositories with the IBM Cloud console.

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Diagram showing the process of monitoring vulnerabilities in IBM Cloud Container Registry

Detect security issues

Check the security status of container images that are provided by IBM, third parties or that are added to your organization's registry namespace.

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Diagram showing the process of managing image security with IBM Cloud Container Registry and Vulnerability Advisor

Create your own repositories

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Get 500 MB storage and 5 GB/month pull traffic on the Lite plan.