Easily make APIs for fast application development

To deliver engaging customer experiences, you need to connect customer, product and other data from across multiple systems. Then you need to transform it and expose it as APIs that developers can use to build new applications. App Connect simplifies all the complexities.

Turn your flows into APIs

App Connect’s intuitive and straightforward interface makes building APIs easy. For less experienced users, App Connect guides you through making models and integration flows you can use to build robust APIs. For experienced developers, our powerful tooling lets you extend the flow through code. In either model, the tool then builds well-formed OpenAPI definitions automatically.

Featured template for building APIs:

Build an API to create leads in Salesforce from a Box file

Use this template to build an API that creates leads in Salesforce with a CSV file from Box. The API takes a Box document URL and an optional event name, retrieves the document, parses it to find the new leads generated, and creates or updates the leads in Salesforce.

Screenshot showing scheduling capabilities in IBM App Connect

App Connect can help you:

Connect applications and data

Connect to any application or endpoint, from the latest SaaS apps to mainframe systems. Pre-packaged smart connectors for ERP, CRM, HR and other applications facilitate rapid connectivity while technology connectors provide extensive support for a range of data protocols and formats, including files, REST/JSON, SOAP/XML, Open API, database, no-SQL and COBOL.

Screenshot showing connection between application and endpoint

Build API-driven flows

A model-driven, code-free approach lets you easily implement your API operations as integration flows. More technical users can then further extend those patterns with a full range of advanced features. In either case, App Connect is made to do the heavy lifting, so no one needs to become an expert on the backend systems.

Screenshot showing API operations models

Expose development-ready APIs

As soon as your flow is built, your API is ready for development team use and developer community socialization. Though the API runs in App Connect, you can manage it with your own API manager or with a one-click publish to IBM API Connect™ for a seamless process within the IBM Cloud™ Integration Platform.

Screenshot showing API definition dropdown menu

Start using App Connect for free

Increase integration performance, lower latency times and reduce costs. With our no-code setup, you’ll be up and running in minutes. We also offer expert advice, an install base and your first two flows—all for free with our Lite plan.